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Wireless Industrial Networks' (WIN) wireless process sensing and condition-based monitoring solutions are designed for the industrial, factory and commercial markets.

By Wireless Industrial Networks (WIN) February 15, 2017

Wireless Industrial Networks’ (WIN) wireless process sensing and condition-based monitoring solutions are designed for the industrial, factory, and commercial applications. The wireless products include a gateway, universal transmitter, and a selection of measurement sensors. Applications include motor temperature and current draw, pump vibration, bearing vibration or temperature monitoring, conveyor vibration monitoring, exhaust and cooling tower fan monitoring, filter monitoring, and more. 

The WIN wireless solution consist of 4 items:

1. Wireless gateway—a small, light-weight, 900 MHz communication gateway with standard Ethernet output and supports 200+ transmitters located 5,280 ft away.

2. Universal wireless transmitter—battery (replaceable) powered transmitter accepts up to three universal sensor inputs, mix of any sensor measurement types, 900 MHz, IEEE 802.15.4 standard radio, frequency-hopping, auto configure, and AES 128-bit industry standard encryption in a NEMA 4x enclosure.

3. Sensors—a complete line of measurement sensors using the V-Bus technology characterizes each sensor with a pre-programing calibration curve eliminating the need for on-site calibration, Sensors include temperature, pressure, 4-20 mA, current voltage, humidity/temperature, dual temperature, vibration, discrete, proximity, and more.

4. Data manager and Web dashboard—these PC-based software applications are included with the gateway and provide a clear status of all network sensors and is an intuitive navigation tool used to access sensor details and measurement history. Features include: scaled engineering unit, alarm settings, bright easy-to-see measurement status indicators, measurement groups, email/text message for alerts, and more. 

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