Yokogawa claims largest Coriolis mass flowmeter

ROTAMASS XR Coriolis mass flowmeter is reportedly the largest product of its type
By Control Engineering Staff January 8, 2008

Yokogawa Electric Corp . has launched the ROTAMASS XR Coriolis mass flowmeter, reportedly the largest product of its type, capable of handling a maximum flow rate of 600 t/h. Designed to address the requirements of the oil/gas and petrochemical industries, the ROTAMASS XR offers high accuracy with 0.1% of measured value for liquids and 0.5% of measured value for gases, along with excellent zero and long-term stability. Featuring a box-in-box design with dual balanced metering tubes, the meter is based on a self-draining design and can carry out bi-directional measurements on mass flow, density, and temperature, as well as derive values of concentration, volume flow, and net flow. It will operate over a temperature range of -200 °C to +230 °C, and is suitable for use in high solid content slurry applications when used with the high-power option. Built-in self-diagnostic capabilities include slug flow detection and compensation, as well as corrosion detection.

Yokogawa Electric Corp.

–Edited by Renee Robbins, senior editor, Control Engineering Products
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