ZiLog extends Flash microcontrollers’ temperature capability

San Jose, CA—ZiLog Inc. announced Aug. 4 that it's shipping extended-temperature versions of its eZ80Acclaim family of Flash microcontrollers.

By Control Engineering Staff August 5, 2003

San Jose, CA— ZiLog Inc. announced Aug. 4 that it’s shipping the extended-temperature versions of its eZ80Acclaim family of Flash microcontrollers. ZiLog is the creator of the Z80 microprocessor and reports that it’s an innovator of integrated eight-bit microcontroller solutions.

ZiLog reports that eZ80Acclaim feature the industry’s fastest eight-bit performance and on-chip Flash memory, and are now rated to operate between -40 °C and +105 °C. This makes them ideal for embedded control applications in hostile environments, such as industrial control, automation, security systems, outdoor vending machines and remote facility monitoring and control.

eZ80Acclaim eight-bit Flash microcontrollers were announced in February 2003 and recently won the Electron D’Or award for best new microprocessor from the French electronics magazine, Electronique .

The company adds that early adopters of eZ80Acclaim confirm that its new eight-bit products provide performance and features rivaling even some 16-bit and 32-bit solutions. These products offer an on-chip, reprogrammable Flash memory of up to 256 KB, as well as up to 8 KB of SRAM. Also, these products include an optimized, power-efficient, pipelined architecture with an upgraded Z80 50-MHz core, and an enhanced instruction set.

eZ80Acclaim’s other features include: an on-chip 10/100BaseT Ethernet media access controller (MAC) with an 8-KB high-speed packet buffer; embedded TCP/IP software supporting a host of standard protocols; and a complete design kit. An infrared encoder/decoder provides IrDA-compatibility, which extends the Ethernet/Internet connections to wireless handheld products.

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Jim Montague, news editor