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Power February 21, 2024

Flexible power system family

OmniOn Power has expanded its recently announced BPS power system family with its new BPS-Flex, providing advanced controller features in a compact, cost-efficient footprint. The power system offers a broad range of power, from 2 to 18 kilowatts (kW), depending on the number of shelves and rectifiers used and if battery backup is mandatory or not. The configurable, -48V power system can include up to two 1RU rectifier shelves and a primary distribution panel. Supplemental distribution panels can be added as well, if required.

ABB Power Conversion
Power May 24, 2023

CC7500 Rectifier

As industrial laser implementations continue to increase in precision manufacturing applications, reliability and consistency are essential. To help meet the unique power needs of these applications, ABB Power Conversion has purpose-built a new liquid-cooled, three-phase, 75-volt (V) rectifier – its CC7500. Designed for heavy pulse-load applications such as industrial lasers, the rectifier provides the consistent, dependable power needed for precision manufacturing processes. The latest addition to ABB’s CC-series rectifiers, the CC7500 features a low-line 200/208/240VAC input that enables its use in regions where low-line utility power is available, like Japan, a wide-range 75VDC nominal output (65-80V), and redundant +5VDC standby power. The fully sealed power supply is IP65-rated to protect against harsh elements that may be present in a manufacturing environment.

ABB Power Conversion
I/O Systems, I/O Modules March 7, 2023

DLynx III PoL DC/DC Converters

The digital DLynx III power modules are easy to use, highly configurable non-isolated DC-DC converters that can deliver up to 320A of output current with a master/satellite configuration. The DLynx III product family includes 40-, 80-, 120-, and 160-amp (A) master DC/DC converters as well as 40A and 160A satellite modules. The master DC/DC converters can be used as standalone POL modules or can be used in tandem with satellites modules. When used together, the master and satellite modules can be deployed in higher-powered single-output configurations to meet growing board-level power requirements and power density demands or in dual-output configurations to power components with differing output voltage requirements. DLynx III master modules feature an integrated digital multi-phase buck controller that regulates the functionality of both the master module and any paired satellites — allowing satellite modules to function without their own dedicated controllers.

ABB Power Conversion
Power Systems February 14, 2023

SC1024 power system

ABB Power Conversion has introduced its SC1024 power system, which is designed for outdoor operation and suited for private networking and broadband applications as well as small cell radios. The pole-mounted, enclosed power system features an integrated 1600W rectifier, DC distribution, and offers 6 rack units of space for various 19” customer equipment to be housed in the weather-protected cabinet. At just 26.38” high by 25.49” wide and 21.19” deep, the SC1024 power system offers customers a desirable combination of power capacity, a compact footprint, and valuable space for end equipment.

ABB Power Conversion
Electrical June 15, 2022

QBDS128A0B : Barracuda DC-DC Converter

The 1500W converters provide power densities of up to 810W per cubic inch and are available in both digital (QBDS128A0B) and analog (QBVS128A0B) versions. This high power density coupled with efficiencies of 97% or higher and IPC 9592B Class II qualification help to meet the quality and reliability needs of original equipment manufacturers (OEM) developing solutions for networking, data center, and industrial applications.

ABB Power Conversion