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Discrete Manufacturing May 25, 2023

U.S. manufacturing stimulus expected to generate steady growth

The Inflation Reduction Act, and the CHIPs and Science Act have generated a lot of investment in manufacturing, but what is the long-term outlook for the United States?

By Adrian Lloyd
Industry News June 22, 2022

India’s growing potential as global manufacturing hub

India has the potential to become a major player in global manufacturing, but there are short- and long-term issues that need to be addressed.

By Adrian Lloyd
Courtesy: Chris Vavra, CFE Media and Technology
Industry News March 2, 2022

Global manufacturing recovery is bumpy and deceptive

The road ahead for manufacturing is bumpy due to disrupted supply chains, labor shortages, and high shipping and energy costs.

By Adrian Lloyd
Courtesy: Interact Analysis
Discrete Manufacturing December 21, 2021

Chinese manufacturing struggling to retain momentum

Chinese manufacturing is struggling to keep pace after a very strong 2020 due to heavy levels of demand, but the overall picture remains positive.

By Adrian Lloyd
Courtesy: Interact Analysis
Mechanical December 14, 2021

Industrial machinery industry poised for rebound

The machinery sector is bouncing back, with farming machinery, semiconductor & electronics machinery, and textiles machinery leading the way.

By Adrian Lloyd
Courtesy: Interact Analysis
Mechanical October 27, 2021

Machinery production size in 2021 to exceed 2019 levels

Interact Analysis is projecting the global machinery market will rise by 6% in 2021 to more than $2 trillion with heavy machinery and materials handling leading the way.

By Adrian Lloyd
Courtesy: CFE Media and Technology
Workforce Development September 17, 2021

Labor shortages are major barrier for manufacturing recovery

Manufacturing is digging out from the impact of COVID-19, but its recovery is being hampered by a labor shortage in many major markets.

By Adrian Lloyd
Semiconductors June 17, 2021

How Southeast Asia is helping lead a manufacturing expansion

Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam are expected to see their overall economies expand next year compared with levels prior to the COVID-19 outbreak according to a report by Interact Analysis.

By Adrian Lloyd
Environmental Health November 30, 2020

China, U.S. leading manufacturing charge from COVID-19 shock

Global manufacturing economic forecasts in the wake of COVID-19 have improved thanks to stronger than expected recoveries from the U.S. and China, but there is a long road to recovery, particularly for some key industries.

By Adrian Lloyd