Amit Chadha


Discrete Manufacturing January 10, 2020

Additive manufacturing: Prototyping reimagined

Advancing innovation: One key player in the aerospace sector has brought reduced inventory cost by 95% with the use of additive manufacturing.

By Amit Chadha
System Integrators January 10, 2020

System integrator helps customer with 3-D printing

Seven answers: 3-D printing and additive manufacturing concepts created differentiation and kept costs down. The project also helped reduce product weight by 20%, and a more ergonomic product with a soft touch grip delivered better market position without compromising on margins.

By Amit Chadha
Mobility October 17, 2017

Architecting an interconnected enterprise

Automation, the conventional pinnacle of productivity, increasingly requires multi-platform connectivity to stakeholders across the enterprise to realize the advantages of smart manufacturing in the Industrie 4.0 era. How? Look at platforms, people, processes, and products.

By Amit Chadha
PLM, Control Design October 9, 2017

Rewire the process industry with IIoT

Digitalization can offer process industries increased process optimization and plant efficiency. The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) adds predictive maintenance, asset information management, and open device configurability.

By Amit Chadha