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Process Instrumentation and Sensors October 3, 2023

Two-in-one analyzer for petrochemical, gas processing, biogas and gas pipeline industries

KECO offers the CS Hound Two-in-One Analyzer for measuring hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and carbon dioxide (CO2) as part of quality and process control in chemical plants, gas processing facilities and landfill/waste treatment operations. H2S and CO2 occur naturally in natural gas and crude petroleum. Their removal in natural gas production is important for protecting gas transmission pipelines and sweetening sour-smelling natural gas to ensure product quality. Raw biogas composed of carbon dioxide, H2S, and other gases occur in landfills when organic materials and waste break down. While a possible sustainable feedstock, biogas must to purified of contaminant gases before its use in industrial applications and energy products. Combining the capabilities of its SulfurHound H2S in Gas Analyzer and CarbonHound CO2 In Gas Analyzer, the CS Hound Daul Analyzer offers a fast and cost-effective method for measuring H2S and CO2 in natural gas, biogas, and air.  Employing microprocessor-based technology, the CS Hound provides continuous online analysis based on NDIR sensor for and electrochemical cell technologies. In operation, gas analyzed for H2S and CO2 is regulated to 10 psi, then controlled to a flow of approximately 1.5 SCFH.

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Control Systems August 1, 2023

Hydrogen sulfide measurements for quality and process control

Petrochemical gas processing facilities, chemical plants and the biogas industry can rely on the SulfurHound H2S in Gas Analyzer to provide accurate, dependable and cost-effective measurement of hydrogen sulfide in natural gas pipelines, gas wells and landfills for quality and process control. Accurate measurement of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) in natural gas, biogas, and air is critical in meeting air quality standards, avoiding pipeline corrosion, eliminating odor and ensuring public health and safety. For example, refineries measure hydrogen sulfide to protect process equipment and ensure product quality, while gas processors monitor for hydrocarbon leaks in cooling towers, heat exchanges, and condensate boilers. Biogas, produced from the waste products of treatment plants and landfills, creates H2S that must be controlled to avoid harmful odors that emit into the atmosphere. Many traditional H2S analyzers provide slow responses, resulting in undetected failures and unnecessary downtime.

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Analytics April 4, 2023

Liquids Process Analyzer

The KECO Model 205 PermaStream H2S in Liquids Process Analyzer offers an accurate quantification of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) in sample streams of crude oil as part of environmental compliance, safety, and quality control practices. The inline analyzer measures H2S in light/medium/heavy crude oil, dirty/clean water, diesel, fuel oil and drilling fluid in real time. By providing accurate and continuous monitoring of H2S levels in liquid streams, the analyzer helps companies demonstrate compliance with air permits promoting the reduction of environmental impacts. Naturally found in crude oil, H2S can pose a threat when inhaled due to its toxicity.

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