Inventory December 13, 2023

CR1500 series barcode scanners

AutomationDirect has added new Code barcode scanners to their portfolio of identification products. CR1500 series barcode scanners are compact hand-held devices with a dual-field optical platform that adds the ability to read laser etched, DPM, or high-density codes. CR5000 series barcode scanners are table-top presentation mode scanners that facilitate hands-free operation. They have advanced data formatting that provides dependable data integration into any platform, system, or solution including iOS applications. CR2700 series barcode scanners are high-end cordless scanners that use Bluetooth® 5 communications for secure, wireless data transmission, and glare reduction technology for reading barcodes on shiny surfaces. An assortment of new accessories includes more communications cables and batteries/charging systems for the CR2700 series scanners. The New Code barcode scanners start at $242.00. The Code CR1500 series barcode scanners come with a 5-year warranty; the CR5000 and CR2700 series have a 3-year warranty.  .

Machine Safety January 10, 2024

Z-Range safety switches series

AutomationDirect has added modular Z-Range safety switch system components to their existing portfolio of safety products. The Z-Range safety switch system offers simplicity and modularity, allowing up to 30 Z-Range safety devices to be connected to one safety relay while maintaining PLe performance rating. These devices are an excellent choice for modular machines and are rated for SIL3 as well as PLe and feature built-in local diagnostics.

Vision and Discrete Sensors December 13, 2023

AchieVe Series Inductive Proximity Sensors

AutomationDirect has added the new AchieVe series of inductive proximity sensors which offers great value for general industrial applications. These tubular inductive proximity sensors made from stainless steel are offered in 8mm, 12mm, and 18mm barrel sizes. Flush and non-flush mount styles offer a range of sensing distances up to 8mm.

PLCs, PACs December 6, 2023

Metal work pneumatic transducers for PLCs

AutomationDirect has added Metal Work Regtronic series electro-pneumatic transducers that utilize two internal solenoid valves to convert an electronic signal from a PLC or other controller to a regulated precision linear pneumatic output pressure. This dual solenoid design eliminates continuous supply air consumption, reducing operational costs. Regtronic transducers feature a maximum output pressure range up to 145 psig that can be controlled with 4-20 mA, 0-5 V, or 0-10 V input signals, as well as with RS232 communication or the integral keypad. Models are available with low flow and exhaust capacity for controlling small-volume pneumatic loads without overshoot, and high flow and exhaust capacity for fast response times with large-volume pneumatic loads. A 0-10 VDC or 4-20 mA output signal (model dependent) representative of the output pressure, two digital output switches that can be set as alarm points, and an integral digital display that eliminates the need for external pressure gauges are also included.

HMI, OI December 6, 2023

HMI enclosures and suspension arm syst

AutomationDirect has added new quality-built Saginaw carbon steel and stainless steel HMI enclosures available in various sizes with NEMA 3R/4/12/13 ratings (stainless steel units are also rated NEMA 4X). These enclosures protect human machine interfaces (HMIs) from harsh industrial environments, helping to prolong HMI service life and ensure reliable operation. They include a removable front cover for ease when making HMI cutouts and a rear cover with a quick opening latch for access to components when needed. In addition, HMI enclosure suspension arm systems are available, specifically designed to allow operators to easily adjust the HMI enclosure’s position.

Wireless December 6, 2023

Ethernet switches for industrial applications

AutomationDirect has added STRIDE SE3 series unmanaged Ethernet switches that offer low-cost networking solutions for industrial applications. Built with a rugged IP30 metal housing, this series offers Fast (10/100 Base-T) and Gigabit (1000 Base-T) speeds, fiber optic connections (ST 100FX, SC 100FX, and SFP ports), and up to 16 ports total. A plastic IP67-rated version with five M12 10/100 Base-T ports is available for applications that require higher protection from water intrusion. Also included are PoE+ models that provide both power and communication in the same port.

Control Systems November 29, 2023

New line of controllers with open-source CPU

AutomationDirect has added the P1AM-200 open-source CPU to their ProductivityOpen line of controllers. This CPU can be programmed in C++, using the Arduino IDE, or in CircuitPython using any text editor. CircuitPython is a derivative of the Python programming language built specifically for microcontrollers and uses a runtime interpreter instead of a compiler for more flexibility with code editors and code syntax. The P1AM-200 CPU hardware features up to 16MB of flash memory for code and file storage, a 120MHz processor, a Crypto coprocessor for higher performance when using encryption libraries, and a neo-pixel RGB LED for visualization of the CPU program status.

Process Instrumentation and Sensors November 29, 2023

Fixed range, head-mounted temperature transmitters

AutomationDirect has added more ProSense XTH2 series fixed range, head-mounted temperature transmitters to their lineup of temperature transmitters/signal conditioners. The XTH2 series fixed-range transmitters are for Type Pt100 3-wire RTDs and are ready to use out-of-the-box with pre-configured measuring ranges up to 500°F (260°C). These new convenient head-mounted temperature transmitters are ideal for a variety of industrial applications and can be installed in any ProSense connection head or any DIN Form B sensor head.

Motors and Drives November 1, 2023

Three-phase inverter duty motors

AutomationDirect has added ACCU-Torq motors from Nidec U.S. MOTORS to their motor category. These 3-phase motors are high-performance inverter duty motors that are an excellent cost-effective solution for applications that require 100% torque down to zero speed. These motors offer premium efficiency and are available in 230/460 VAC 1800 rpm models in sizes from ¼ hp to 10 hp.

Process Instrumentation and Sensors November 15, 2023

Infared pyrometer temperature sensors

AutomationDirect has added additional CSmicro and new CSlaser series infrared pyrometers to their growing lineup of temperature sensors. Infrared pyrometers use non-contact sensing to determine the surface temperature of an object based on its emitted infrared radiation. Optris CSmicro LTH, 3ML/3MH, and 2MH series miniature infrared pyrometers feature a rugged stainless steel construction and provide additional temperature ranges up to 1600°C (2912°F) with new wavelengths that can measure temperatures through glass or can measure metal and shiny surfaces. The new Optris CSlaser LT and 2ML/2MH series pyrometers feature an innovative double laser aiming system that instantly indicates the size of the area and the location on a target where the temperature is sensed. The CSLaser pyrometers use Q7525-1 (4/c, 22 AWG) or Q8180-1 (6/c, 24AWG) cut-to-length cables (ordered separately) which can be tailored to any desired length for installation.

Power Systems November 15, 2023

RHINO PSR Power Supplies

AutomationDirect has added new RHINO BASIC PSR series power supplies that feature high power density, high efficiency, and overcurrent protection in constant current mode, making them ideal for charging applications. PSR series power supplies offer an ultra-slim design in a rugged aluminum housing, adjustable output voltage, and are available in: 120/240 Vac single-phase input models with 24-28 Vdc outputs at up to 480 W 480 Vac three-phase input models with 24-28 Vdc outputs at up to 960 W. The new RHINO PSR series power supplies are UL Listed, CSA approved, CE marked and RoHS compliant.

Power Quality October 25, 2023

EWT-PA series two-piece flex split conduit

AutomationDirect has added EWT-PA series flexible, non-metallic, two-piece split conduit from Murrplastik. This flex split conduit provides an easy solution for routing pre-terminated cables, eliminating the need to dismantle/reassemble the installed connectors. The EWT-PA series conduit consists of dual overlapping tubes that are easy to open yet provide mechanical protection and eliminate unintentional exposure of the cabling bundle inside. This conduit is ideal for cable installations on cobots, gantry systems, or any retrofitting application.

Vision and Discrete Sensors October 25, 2023

BCS Series Capacitive Proximity Sensors

AutomationDirect has added Balluff BCS series capacitive proximity sensors to their robust selection of object detection sensors. They are available in 12 to 30mm tubular, 50mm round, and small rectangular body styles and offer sensing distances up to 30mm. These DC-powered sensors feature rugged stainless steel or thermoplastic housings with protection ratings up to IP67 for harsh industrial environments.

Control Systems October 18, 2023

New pro sense T30R series timer relays

AutomationDirect has added new ProSense T30R series rugged timer relays featuring a high 30A SPDT output contact that controls loads without requiring a separate contactor. These new single-function timer relays are available in on-delay, off-delay, fleeting and cyclic mode timing options and offer an easy-to-use rotary switch adjustment with timing ranges up to 10 hours. The new timer relays are encapsulated for resistance to harsh environments and utilize a microprocessor-based design for superior accuracy and repeatability.

Electrical, Power October 11, 2023

RHINO PSRP and PSRT series switch-mode power supplies

AutomationDirect has added RHINO PRO PSRP and RHINO TOUGH PSRT series power supplies to their extensive selection of switching power supplies. The PSRP series power supplies feature a sleek, space-saving design with push-in connectors, a rugged aluminum housing and many DC power options. Power options include: Single-phase input unit with 12 VDC output at 120 Watts Single-phase input models with 24 VDC outputs at up to 480 Watts Three-phase input models with 24 VDC outputs at up to 960 Watts RHINO TOUGH PSRT series machine-mount switch-mode power supplies are fully encapsulated and feature a rugged aluminum housing with a compact footprint. They are IP67 rated, field-mountable, and suitable for harsh environments.

Motors and Drives September 27, 2023

460 VAC sure servo2 system

AutomationDirect has added new SureServo2 servo systems that accept 460 VAC three-phase input power. With output power from 400W to 15kW, these 12 new perfectly matched sets of servo motors, drives, cables and accessories have all the features of our existing SureServo2 servo systems. This includes on-board motion controller with registration, electronic camming and event-based logic control, 24-bit encoders for precise feedback, safe torque off for machine safety compliance, option modules for EtherNet/IP and Modbus TCP and cables in four lengths. Just like the 120/240 VAC models, the new servo systems accept pulse and direction inputs, analog velocity or torque (+/-10V) inputs, external encoder (follower) signals and allows full command and control across EtherNet/IP or Modbus TCP Ethernet networks. These servo systems can be programmed via the front panel keypad or use the free configuration software; built-in oscilloscope and multiple auto-tuning modes can perfect your system’s performance.

Process Instrumentation and Sensors September 27, 2023

New pulsed radar level sensor

AutomationDirect has added the Endress+Hauser Micropilot FMR10 series pulsed radar liquid level sensor to their growing lineup of liquid level sensors. This new sensor is a downward facing, non-contact sensor that emits electromagnetic pulses and determines the level based on the time it takes for the pulses to be reflected back to the sensor. Radar sensors are more accurate than ultrasonic sensors and are less affected by environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, and dust than ultrasonic sensors. The Micropilot level sensor is configurable via Bluetooth interface using the SmartBlue mobile app, which includes a linearization function that converts measured values to length, weight, flow, or volume.

Control Systems September 27, 2023

SOLO modular temperature controllers

AutomationDirect has added new SOLO modular temperature controllers that offer the same functionality as the SOLO standard controllers but at a lower price. These temperature controllers feature a modular snap-together design that allows users to add channels as needed. Each channel can be configured with a different control mode and output type, making it possible to tailor a system to the application’s specific requirements. Up to eight independent control loops are possible, each loop supporting thermocouple, RTD, mA, mV, or voltage inputs, and voltage, current, voltage pulse, or relay outputs. All models include a second relay output that is useful for alarming or dual heating and cooling applications, and can support PID, On/Off, Ramp/Soak, or manual control modes as well as 12 different alarm modes.

Process Instrumentation and Sensors October 21, 2020

Current/voltage transducers and switches line extension

More transducers and switches have been added to the AutomationDirect sensors lineup. ATCH series adaptive true RMS current transducers are designed to monitor electric heat zero-crossing burst fired SCR controllers. These transducers provide faster response than temperature sensors and are a simplified method to monitor pulsed waveforms and are ideal for electrical heater applications. 3ACT/3ACTR series AC 3-phase current transducers are designed for monitoring three-phase loads, motors, machines or buildings.

Power Generation September 13, 2023

PBC Linear Shafts, Bearings, and Shaft Supports

AutomationDirect has added PBC linear shafts, bearings, and shaft supports to their power transmission product category. PBC linear shafts are precision ground to provide an optimized surface for plain and ball bearings and are ideal for high-precision linear motion applications where tight tolerances are needed. The shafts are available in carbon or stainless steel with round and fully supported models.

Process Instrumentation and Sensors August 23, 2023

ProSense XTD2 and XTH2 programmable temperature transmitters

AutomationDirect has added ProSense XTD2 and XTH2 series programmable temperature transmitters to their lineup of temperature transmitters/signal conditioners. The ProSense XTD2 series DIN rail-mounted and XTH2 series head-mounted universal programmable temperature transmitters are ideal for a wide range of industrial applications and can be used with a variety of sensors and process inputs. They provide a linearized 2-wire current loop output that can be configured for 4 to 20 mA or 20 to 4 mA using the free ProSense field device configuration software and an XT-USB cable (purchased separately). Several new accessories are also available for the XTH2 head mount units: Plug-on displays provide a digital readout of the transmitter-scaled output Probe and field mount housings with viewing window accommodate both the transmitter and digital display Wall and pipe mounting brackets simplify the installation of field mount housings. The new ProSense XTD2 and XTH2 series programmable temperature transmitters are UL listed, CE marked, and RoHS compliant.

Mobility August 30, 2023

WEG electric IEC safety contactors and motor controls

AutomationDirect has added a wide assortment of quality WEG electric contactors and motor control devices to their lineup of motor controls and safety equipment. The CWBS series IEC safety contactors provide a safe and reliable way to control electrical power in industrial and commercial applications. Available in ratings up to 80A, these contactors comply with IEC and UL standards, providing mechanically-linked and mirror contacts to ensure safety circuits for machines and equipment operate according to international safety standards. In addition to the safety contactors, the WEG Electric motor control offering has been expanded to include the following: ESWS/PESWS series single-phase general purpose and washdown manual motor starters in ratings up to 3hp at 230 VAC (23A). ESW/PESW series three-phase general purpose and washdown enclosed manual motor starters in ratings up to 50hp at 575 VAC (80A). MPW series manual motor protectors in ratings up to 65A. CWB series IEC contactors in ratings up to 125A. RW117 series overload relays in ratings up to 140A.

Process Instrumentation and Sensors June 10, 2020

Capacitive Pushbutton Sensor Switches and Indicators

Captron pushbutton sensor switches use capacitive sensing to detect when a hand or body part nears the device surface; built-in or stand-alone indicators provide multi-color signaling options. The robust IP69K design provides wear-free operation, plus resistance to water, oil and harsh environments. These DC-operated devices are available in various mounting/operator sizes.

Process Instrumentation and Sensors August 16, 2023

Picomag series magnetic-inductive flow meters

AutomationDirect has added Endress+Hauser Picomag series magnetic-inductive flow meters to their growing line of flow sensors. Picomag series flow meters offer reliable measuring and monitoring of conductive liquids such as drinking and industrial water with a minimum conductivity of 10 μS/cm. These magnetic-inductive flow meters allow simultaneous measurement of flow, temperature and volume. They provide two selectable I/O points that can be configured for analog current or voltage output, pulse or switch outputs, IO-Link connection or status inputs for a totalizer reset.

Machinery and Equipment August 9, 2023

WDN series narrow finger wire duct

AutomationDirect has added AchieVe WDN series wire duct, providing more options for dependable wire management at great prices. This rugged, open slot, narrow finger, rigid wall wire duct is made of self-extinguishing UL 94 V-0 rated flame-retardant PVC material. AchieVe wire duct also features convenient upper and lower score lines to facilitate breaking off individual fingers when extra space is needed for wider cables.

Control Systems August 9, 2023

Elesa position indicators

AutomationDirect has added electronic position indicators from Elesa. These indicators are designed to accurately measure and display the position of a rotating shaft. They consist of a rugged polyamide housing, suitable for applications requiring frequent washing, with a clear and easy-to-read display and are attached directly to a rotating shaft.

Motors and Drives August 2, 2023

RFID standalone R/W unit

AutomationDirect has added an all-in-one RFID standalone R/W unit to their Barcode/ RFID / vision product category. This unit comes complete with an RFID R/W device, antenna and EtherNet/IP interface built in. It is designed for easy integration into an existing EtherNet/IP network. This standalone unit is optimized for high speeds and large data transfer, has a maximum read/write distance of 220mm depending on the type of tags used, operates on RFID high frequency of 13.56 MHz per ISO 15693 and features an IP67 protection rating.

Power August 2, 2023

International regulated and unregulated linear power supplies

AutomationDirect has added international power regulated and unregulated linear power supplies to their current lineup of open-frame linear power supplies. The IH series regulated open-frame power supplies are designed to operate over a wide range of AC power sources. They maintain a constant output voltage, regardless of changes in input voltage or load current, and offer better voltage regulation than other types of power supplies, ensuring accurate and consistent power delivery. The IP500U series unregulated open-frame power supplies are designed for low-cost, high-current applications when full regulation is not required. These rugged, highly reliable power supplies are ideal for powering solenoids, relays, DC motors, battery chargers and DC-to-DC converters.

PLCs, PACs July 26, 2023

Advanced XGB PLCs

AutomationDirect has added XGB PLCs designed and manufactured by LS Electric, a well-established global PLC manufacturer with over 40 years of experience. This PLC family offers advanced controllers geared for motion applications but with high-level features, such as IEC programming, that can be beneficial in any automated system. These stackable LS Electric PLCs have numerous hardware options to exactly match the job at hand. Each super compact PLC comes with integrated 2- or 6-axis pulse/direction motion inputs/outputs (up to 200kHz) and includes Ethernet, serial, and USB ports.

Safety July 19, 2023

Comepi safety switches

AutomationDirect has expanded their safety products line with additional Comepi safety switches. This offering includes new, more robust solenoid locking tongue interlock safety switches and RFID-coded solenoid locking tongue interlock safety switches. All switches have a 1200N holding force and require the solenoid to be energized to unlock the switch. The RFID-coded models are uniquely coded for additional tamper resistance.  .

Switchgear June 28, 2023

AchieVe IEC and compact limit switches

AutomationDirect is pleased to announce the launch of several IEC and compact limit switches under the new house brand, AchieVe. These new AchieVe limit switches are available in a selection of sizes and styles, including: ADM/ADP series 50mm heavy-duty IEC limit switches AHP series 30mm plastic IEC limit switches with remote reset AEM/AEP series compact limit switches for confined spaces These limit switches offer a variety of actuator styles, including plunger, lever and a new pull-action style that is activated when a cable (sold separately) attached to the switch is pulled. This pull-action actuator, offered in the ADM series, is useful for simple start/stop control or signaling applications. The AHP series 30mm IEC limit switches, with remote reset, feature a latching function that requires an external control signal to restore the switch contacts to their initial position and allow the switch to be triggered again. The AEM/AEP series switches feature a super compact profile with a 25mm [0.98 in.] hole spacing, ideal for space-limited applications. AchieVe limit switches are UL listed, CE marked and RoHS compliant.

Process Instrumentation and Sensors June 7, 2023

Spartan Scientific potable water valves

AutomationDirect has added Spartan Scientific water valves to their offering of low-cost potable water components. These solenoid valves are suitable for use with potable water as well as a variety of other liquids, oils and inert gases. Spartan water valves feature a 2-port (2-way), 2-position design with a normally closed configuration and diaphragm operator.

Control Systems May 10, 2023

Murrelektronik A-Coded sensor and signal connection cables

AutomationDirect’s newest addition of A-coded sensor and signal connection cables from Murrelektronik provides easy and reliable connections between panels and field devices. These cables offer several configurations including axial or right-angle female M8 or M12 screw-lock connector to pigtail, axial male to axial female with M8 or M12 screw-lock connectors and right-angle male to right-angle female with M8 or M12 screw-lock connectors. These sensor and signal connection cables have a PUR/PP jacket ideal for applications with oil and/or sunlight exposure and are also great for repetitive flexing applications like robotics. The new Murrelektronik A-coded sensor and signal connection cables are available in various colors, lengths and pole configurations.  .

Control Systems July 5, 2023

ASME and Metrix Connect for electronic circuits

AutomationDirect has added E-T-A REX modular electronic circuit protectors to their selection of circuit protection devices. These protectors safeguard electrical circuits from overcurrent, short circuits and other faults. Featuring a modular design, individual protection modules can be combined to meet specific circuit protection requirements, allowing for flexible configurations and easy installation. A single system consists of a supply module, which connects to the 24VDC power supply, and up to 16 circuit protection modules (40A max) that are electrically connected by the backplane (no additional accessories required).

PLCs, PACs June 14, 2023

Productivity2000 PLC CPU and Starter Kit

AutomationDirect has added the next generation CPU for the Productivity2000 PLC line. The P2-622 CPU has all the functionality of the original CPU including up to 50MB ladder memory, embedded OLED status display, remote I/O and multipurpose Ethernet 10/100Base-T (RJ45) ports, and a microSD card slot. In addition, this new CPU has a lower cost, dual software-configurable serial ports (RJ12 and 4-pin) that support both RS232 and RS485, a USB C programming port, and a new system architecture that allows for many future enhancements. With tag name programming, easy device integration that includes PS-AMC motion controllers, GS variable frequency drives, and others, and user-focused features such as analog module data displays, Productivity2000 PLCs are a perfect fit for almost any application.

Asset Management June 14, 2023

C.H. Ellis Tool Bags and Cases from AutomationDirect

AutomationDirect has added quality tool bags and cases from C.H. Ellis to make transporting tools to/from a remote job location easier. Included in this addition is a mechanic’s tool bag made of black ballistic nylon with two carry handles, four interior and three exterior pockets on each side and 2-snap flaps for securing contents in the outer pockets. The new Attaché tool case is a briefcase style with a strong, high-impact plastic shell and milled aluminum valance to protect from water or dust.

HMI, OI May 24, 2023

C-more CM5 HMIs

The CM5 HMI series offers lower cost, high-performance HMIs in sizes from 4 inches to an impressive 22 inches. These HMIs have an amazing 1.6 GHz processor in the larger units (10” and above), 43 Mbytes of memory, and provide much better trending, extra data storage, faster communication, and improved file types including .jpegs. The CM5 panels come with a host of communication ports for plug-and-play connections with industrial networks. All CM5 panels have serial and Ethernet ports and several supported protocols including Modbus, EtherNet/IP, and the lightweight MQTT(S) protocol used in many machine-to-machine (M2M) and IIoT applications.

Motors and Drives May 31, 2023

IronHorse Motor Controls

AutomationDirect has added new IronHorse manual motor protectors, contactors, thermal overload relays, and a wide variety of supported accessories to their growing lineup of motor control products. The IronHorse HMC series contactors are a very economical solution and feature an advanced design with a sealed structure to prevent arc flash exposure; electronic coils are available on select models. These 3-pole contactors have built-in auxiliary contacts and are available in a variety of coil voltages and in seven frame sizes, with ratings from 5 to 300 hp (400A) at 480 VAC. HMMP series manual motor protectors provide an all-in-one motor control/protection solution, integrating control, disconnecting means, and circuit protection in a single compact package. These protectors offer a wide range of ambient temperature compensation, phase failure protection, a high short-circuit interrupt rating, and are available in three frame sizes with ratings up to 100A.   HTOR series thermal overload relays mount directly to the HMC contactors to protect AC circuits and motors from damaging overloads and phase failures. These relays are available in six frame sizes, in ratings up to 400A.   IronHorse motor controls have a 2-year warranty, are UL Listed, CE marked, and RoHS compliant. HMMP series motor protectors start at $40.00, HMC series contactors start at $17.50, and HMMP series thermal overload relays start at $22.00.   Learn more by v.

Ethernet April 26, 2023

Cat6a Ethernet Patch Cables

AutomationDirect now offers industrial-grade Cat6a Ethernet communication cables that support transmission speeds of up to 10 Gbps full duplex. These patch cables are designed to reduce the effects of electromagnetic interference (EMI) by incorporating shielded RJ45 connectors, an inner foil shield around each twisted pair, and an outer foil shield around the entire set of 8 wires. These Ethernet cables comply with the PoE+ standard to deliver 30W of power and are available with a blue PVC cable jacket in several lengths.  Learn more by visiting:  .

I/O Systems, I/O Modules May 10, 2023

Productivity modules for controllers

AutomationDirect has released several new modules for the Productivity family of controllers. Two new lower-cost, high-resolution, four-channel analog input modules, supporting current (0-20 mA) or voltage (0-10 VDC) signals, are now available for the Productivity1000 PLC. The ProductivityOpen Arduino-based controller line now offers a 2-port serial communications shield that provides a reliable interface between the ProOpen controller and serial networks/devices. The P1AM-SERIAL is housed in an industrialized Arduino MKR form factor and each 4-pin port supports RS-232 or RS-485 communication. A new lower-cost Productivity2000 base power supply is also available that accepts a 24 VDC input and delivers a maximum of 45W. The new Productivity1000 analog modules start at $139.00, the ProductivityOpen serial shield is priced at $55.00, and the Productivity2000 power supply is $85.00.  Learn more by visiting:

Electrical Systems May 3, 2023

Wall-mount enclosure series extended

AutomationDirect has added Stahlin wall-mount enclosure selections to their extensive inventory of non-metallic industrial electrical enclosures. Diamond Shield, Classic, N, J, RJ, JW, RJW and FatBoy versions are NEMA 1, 3, 3S, 12, 13, and 4X rated, and are constructed of fiberglass reinforced polyester. They are offered in a range of sizes, with various cover, latch, window, and door configurations.

Process Instrumentation and Sensors April 19, 2023

18mm Round Photoelectric Sensors

ProSense F18 Series 18mm Round Photoelectric Sensors from AutomationDirect AutomationDirect has added ProSense F18 series 18mm round sensors to their extensive lineup of photoelectric sensors. The F18 series features sensing distances up to 25m, rugged PBT thermoplastic housings, and an IP67 protection rating. These general-purpose sensors are available in diffuse, diffuse with adjustable background suppression, polarized retroreflective, and through-beam sensing styles. The new ProSense F18 series photoelectric sensors are UL listed, CE marked, and RoHS compliant. They offer a 1-year warranty and start at $32.00. Learn more by visiting:

Process Instrumentation and Sensors April 26, 2023

Capacitance Level Switches

AutomationDirect has added Endress+Hauser Nivector FTI26 and Liquipoint FTW23 series point level capacitance switches to their growing lineup of level sensors. Capacitive level switches are contact sensors that detect presence by evaluating differences in dielectric values. They are useful for detecting the level of solids, such as plastic pellets, or water-based conductive liquids. The Nivector FTI26 series, available in rugged polycarbonate or stainless-steel housings, detects powders or fine-grained bulk solids in silos, hoppers, and bins.

Process Instrumentation and Sensors April 5, 2023

Additional Contrinex Small Rectangular Inductive Proximity Sensors

AutomationDirect has added more Contrinex small rectangular sensors to their extensive lineup of inductive proximity sensors. These compact 12mm x 27mm x 6.5mm and 12mm x 27mm x 12mm inductive proximity sensors are non-flush mounted, have a 4mm sensing distance, and feature NPN or PNP switching outputs with N.O. or N.C. operation. Top and front sensing versions are available and all PNP models are IO-Link v1.0 compatible.

Process Instrumentation and Sensors April 12, 2023

ProSense D80 Series Large Rectangular Inductive Proximity Sensors

AutomationDirect has added new ProSense D80 series large rectangular proximity sensors to their extensive lineup of inductive proximity sensors. This series offers long sensing distances up to 60mm, large sensor faces, and robust IP65- or IP67-rated PPE housings for harsh industrial environments. These “pancake” style proximity sensors are available with 80 x 40 x 105mm or 80 x 40 x 92mm housing dimensions, AC- or DC-power options, and a variety of termination styles. The new ProSense D80 series rectangular proximity sensors are UL listed, RoHS compliant, and CE and UKCA marked. They offer a lifetime warranty and start at $146.00. Learn more by visiting:

Vision and Discrete Sensors April 12, 2023

Wenglor OPT Series Ultrasonic Proximity Sensors

AutomationDirect has added new Wenglor OPT series cylindrical and rectangular ultrasonic sensors. These new sensors, available in diffuse and through-beam sensing styles, offer sensing distances up to 2000mm, rugged stainless steel and plastic housings, and protection ratings up to IP68 for use in challenging industrial environments. Wenglor ultrasonic sensors are IO-Link v1.1 compatible, offering advanced configuration options such as through-beam, synchronous, and mute operating modes, window teach-in, and external temperature compensation.

Process Instrumentation and Sensors April 5, 2023

ProSense Frequency Signal Conditioners

AutomationDirect has added frequency signal conditioners from ProSense. These new signal conditioners are extremely versatile, affordable, and provide the flexibility to convert, transmit, scale, and isolate input signals from a wide variety of process sensors and controller I/O. The SCU-2200 universal analog-to-frequency converters accept milliamp, voltage, RTD, thermocouple, or potentiometer inputs and provide a scalable single-frequency output (up to 25kHz). They are helpful when a controller does not have any analog input points available but does have a frequency input. The SCU-2500 series frequency (input) conditioners are useful for converting frequency signals from encoders, magnetic pick-ups, variable speed drives, and flow meters to an analog signal for a PLC, recorder, or digital display. They accept frequency signals up to 100kHz and provide unipolar or bipolar analog, relay, or frequency (up to 100kHz) outputs.

Process Instrumentation and Sensors March 29, 2023

Waterpilot Series Submersible Level Sensors

AutomationDirect has added Endress+Hauser Waterpilot series submersible level sensors to their growing lineup of liquid level sensors. These sensors measure level by continually sensing the hydrostatic pressure produced by the height of liquid above the sensor, providing a 4-20 mA output signal compatible with PLCs, panel meters, data loggers, and other electronic equipment. The Waterpilot FMX11 series is ideally suited for freshwater applications and features a slim 22mm diameter stainless steel housing and a sensor diaphragm protection cap. These sensors are NSF certified for drinking water applications. The Waterpilot FMX21 series is suited for wastewater applications, offering an easy-to-clean, flush-mounted, process-isolating sensor diaphragm, a rugged 42mm diameter stainless steel housing, and a diaphragm protection cap.

Electrical Safety March 8, 2023

Atlas 300V Type AWM Wire

AutomationDirect has added 300V Atlas Type AWM (appliance wire material) wire that is commonly used for appliance wiring, control cabinets, and machine tool applications. This new wire meets the National Electrical Code (NEC) and NFPA Standard 79 requirements and is made in the USA. Atlas Type AWM wire consist of a tinned copper single conductor covered with a colored polyvinyl chloride (PVC) outer jacket and is available in sizes ranging from 26AWG to 16AWG. Various color options are offered including blue with white stripe, white with blue stripe, and green with yellow stripe versions. The new Atlas Type AWM wire is sold in spools of 500 or 1,000 feet (depending on gauge size). Learn more by visiting:

Machine Safety March 8, 2023

IDEM Two-hand Safety Control Panels

AutomationDirect announces the addition of IDEM two-hand safety control panels to their safety products portfolio. Two-hand safety control panels, used with a special control monitoring relay, require an operator to use both hands simultaneously during a hazardous operation. This forces operators to keep their hands on the two-hand control actuator and out of harm’s way.

I/O Systems, I/O Modules February 22, 2023

Schmersal Compact Limit Switches

Schmersal Compact Limit Switches  from AutomationDirect AutomationDirect has added new Schmersal compact limit switches that provide an affordable solution for a variety of object detection applications. Their small size allows easy installation in confined spaces. These rugged limit switches offer a 31mm body width, with a 45-degree adjustable, die-cast zinc head, and a thermoplastic housing. Several actuator styles are available, including plunger, plunger with roller, side rotary lever with roller, and adjustable rod. Schmersal compact limit switches are available with N.O.

Process Instrumentation and Sensors February 15, 2023

ProSense VCT Series Harsh Duty Vibration Transmitters

  ProSense VCT Series Harsh Duty Vibration Transmitters  from AutomationDirect     AutomationDirect has added ProSense VCT series vibration transmitters that accurately detect vibrations of industrial equipment, primarily rotating equipment such as steam and gas turbines, pumps, motors, compressors, and rolling mills. Vibration sensors provide early detection of developing malfunctions, allowing for timely maintenance before major damage or failure results in costly repairs and production downtime.   These MEMS-based sensors are ideal for harsh industrial applications and offer a rugged stainless-steel construction, a wide operating temperature range, and a high IP67/68/69K protection rating (depending on the IP rating of the cable used).

I/O Systems, I/O Modules October 19, 2022

STAHL Intrinsically Safe Isolators

More STAHL Intrinsically Safe Isolators from AutomationDirect AutomationDirect has added more intrinsically safe isolation barriers from STAHL. These modules ensure only a safe amount of energy resides in an electrical circuit, installed in a potentially explosive atmosphere, so that no sources of ignition are created. More digital, analog, and temperature modules, new frequency transmitter isolators, and a Zener Barrier for thermocouple signals have been added. Additional accessories include a configuration kit for the temperature and frequency modules and replacement fuse kits for the Zener Barrier. The new STAHL intrinsically safe isolation barrier modules start at $189.00 and come with a one-year warranty. Learn more by visiting:

I/O Systems, I/O Modules October 19, 2022

Quabbin Control and Signal Cable

More Quabbin Control and Signal Cable from AutomationDirect AutomationDirect has added more control and signal cables from Quabbin. These signal cables are available in shielded or unshielded versions, with conductor sizes from 24AWG to 16AWG, and with various conductor counts ranging from 2 to 25 conductors depending on cable size. Twisted pair or twisted triad options are also available. Individual conductors are stranded tinned copper with color-coded insulation for easy identification; all cables include a PVC chrome gray jacket. These 150-, 300- or 600-volt rated cables are ideal for low-voltage control signals and audio applications. The new Quabbin control and signal cables are UL and CSA approved, proudly made in the USA, and can be ordered cut to your specified lengths in 1-foot increments with a 30-ft. minimum starting at $0.23 per foot.

Ethernet February 1, 2023

Murrelektronik 10Gbps Cat6a Ethernet Cables

AutomationDirect now offers Cat6a industrial Ethernet cables from Murrelektronik. These shielded cables include an M12 X-coded connection on one end and an RJ45 connection on the other. The X-coded designation is commonly used with industrial vision systems.

Robotics January 25, 2023

Schmalz End-of-Arm Tooling Components

AutomationDirect now offers end-of-arm tooling components for robot arm vacuum pick-and-place applications. Components can be purchased individually or in kits that include everything needed to create a single-beam or dual-beam end-of-arm tool. Kits are simple, save time and money, and include structural rails (which support optional internal vacuum), connectors, cup mounts, vacuum tubing, vacuum cups, fittings, a basic ejector, a flange for Universal robot, and a blank robot flange. Simply cut the structural rails to the desired lengths, determine the location of the suction cups, assemble the unit, and add the robot interface flange for your brand of robot or drill your own using the included blank robot flange. Schmalz end-of-arm tooling components start at $8.00, and kits start at $995.00. All Schmalz end-of-arm tooling components and kits come with a one-year warranty.  Learn more by visiting:

Vision and Discrete Sensors November 16, 2022

Datalogic Smart Vision Sensor

AutomationDirect has proudly entered the industrial vision market with the addition of the Datalogic Smart Vision sensor. This sensor is an intelligent self-contained system that can capture an object’s image as it passes by and make decisions based on the details of that image. Built around a powerful multiprocessor platform featuring embedded artificial intelligence technology, the Smart-VS sensor is highly advanced but remains simple to configure using the teach procedure or Web app. These sensors can be used to check production output for flaws or verify an object's positioning before entering the next phase of production.

Motors and Drives October 5, 2022

L7P Servo Systems

LS Electric L7P Servo Systems from AutomationDirect AutomationDirect has added new L7P servo motors, drives, cables, and gearboxes from LS Electric. These new intermediate-level L7P servo systems have all the features of the basic L7C servos including setup wizards, auto tuning, built-in indexer, and more, but with a larger range of system sizes and the option for 460VAC operation. The built-in absolute encoder on each servo motor is also higher resolution at 19-bit (524,288 ppr). The L7P systems are available from 100W to 7.5kW with 230VAC input power and 900W to 7.5kW with 460VAC input power. The 230VAC systems can operate single-phase up to 2.2kW. All motors are available with or without a 24VDC holding brake. The free Drive CM software eases setup/configuration and includes autotuning algorithms and an oscilloscope to fully optimize your application. A matched set of LS Electric gearboxes are also available for each motor, with gear ratios of 5:1, 10:1, and 20:1 (7.5kW systems limited to 15:1).

Automation May 4, 2022

New Optris Infrared Temperature Sensors

New Optris Infrared Temperature Sensors from AutomationDirect  AutomationDirect has added new infrared pyrometers from Optris. These pyrometers use non-contact sensing to determine the surface temperature of an object based on its emitted infrared radiation. They can read the temperature of inaccessible or moving objects without difficulty.

Mechatronics and Motion Control April 27, 2022

Low-Cost Motion Control Offered with CLICK PLUS PLCs

Low-Cost Motion Control Offered with CLICK PLUS PLCsfrom AutomationDirect AutomationDirect has released the new CLICK PLC programming software version 3.30, which allows any CLICK PLUS CPU to be configured as a 3-axis PTO/PWM motion controller. 100kHz high-speed inputs and outputs are offered with any DC option slot I/O module placed in slot 0 of the CPU.  With this module, CLICK PLUS PLCs can easily perform velocity moves, homing commands, or interpolated positioning.

Process Instrumentation and Sensors September 28, 2022

Vibration Sensors

ProSense VCST Series Vibration Sensors from AutomationDirect. AutomationDirect has added new ProSense VCST series vibration sensors. These sensors accurately detect vibrations of industrial equipment, primarily rotating equipment such as steam and gas turbines, pumps, motors, compressors and rolling mills.

Process Instrumentation and Sensors September 28, 2022

Additional Fuji Command Series Pilot Devices

Additional Fuji Command Series Pilot Devices from AutomationDirect. AutomationDirect has added new Fuji Command series pushbuttons, switches, and indicators to expand their offering of quality Fuji Electric control and signal devices.  New round and rectangular 16mm pilot devices feature an integrated structure with built-in contacts to reduce control panel depth.

Vision and Discrete Sensors June 1, 2022

Contrinex Photoelectric Sensors with IO-Link Compatibility

Contrinex Photoelectric Sensors with IO-Link Compatibilityfrom AutomationDirect  AutomationDirect has expanded their vast offering of discrete sensors by adding Contrinex C23 standard and clear object detection sensors. These Contrinex mini rectangular photoelectric sensors are ideal for limited-space applications and are available in diffuse, diffuse with adjustable background suppression, retroreflective, and through-beam models. Sensor housings have an IP67 enclosure rating and are ECOLAB-approved for use in hygienic areas. The Contrinex TRU-C23 UV photoelectric sensors are designed for detecting transparent objects, such as those made with plastic or glass.

Energy, Power September 21, 2022

Additional Direct Wire Large Gauge MTW Cable Color Options

Additional Direct Wire Large Gauge MTW Cable Color Options from AutomationDirect. AutomationDirect has added more color choices for Direct Wire 1kV ALL-FLEX MTW/THHW heavy-duty flexible power cable. This extremely flexible large gauge (8AWG to 500MCM) single-conductor industrial cable is ideal for industrial control panel distribution, VFD power feeds, servo systems and non-traditional industrial applications including uninterruptable power supply (UPS) and transformer wiring, battery chargers and marine board applications.

Vision and Discrete Sensors July 20, 2022

E58 Series M30 Harsh Duty Photoelectric Sensors

AutomationDirect has added new M30 harsh duty photoelectric sensors from Eaton. The Eaton E58 series are among the most rugged and best-sealed photoelectric sensors on the market. Their stainless steel, PVDF, and tempered glass components are mechanically assembled using Vitron seals to ensure resistance to chemicals and moisture intrusion.

Motors and Drives July 29, 2022

IronHorse Jet Pump and Stainless Steel Motors

IronHorse Jet Pump and Stainless Steel Motorsfrom AutomationDirect AutomationDirect has added the new IronHorse MTRJ series of jet pump motors to their AC motor lineup. The MTRJ centrifugal jet pump motors offer an economical motor solution and come in a TEFC enclosure with a 56J frame that has a threaded shaft for direct connection to a jet pump. These jet pump motors are available in 120/230 VAC from 1/3 to 2hp and in 208-230/460 Vac from 1/3 to 3hp at 3600rpm.

Data Acquisition, DAQ February 9, 2022

Murrelektronik M12 Data Cables, Power Cables, and Field Wireable Connectors

Murrelektronik M12 Data Cables, Power Cables, and Field Wireable Connectors from AutomationDirect New Murrelektronik data cables are high-flex shielded Ethernet Cat5e cables offering various connector styles, including D-coded M12 to M12, M12 to RJ45, RJ45 to RJ45, and M12 to pigtail. These cables are flame-retardant and chemical resistant with a tough TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) jacket for typical industrial applications. A selection of RJ45 IDC field wireable connectors and adapters have also been added to provide custom terminations for specific applications.

Ethernet March 30, 2022

Cut-to-Length Ethernet and Data Cables

Cut-to-Length Quabbin Commercial Ethernet and Data Cables from AutomationDirect  AutomationDirect has added Quabbin commercial Ethernet and data cables to provide more choices for your wiring/cabling needs. The new 26 and 24 AWG commercial Ethernet cables are available in Cat5e/6/6a/6e types, in shielded and unshielded versions, and they are suitable for applications from 10 Base-T to 1000 Base-T (Gigabit Ethernet). These cables feature a round, smooth design for added flexibility that allows easy manipulation between devices during installation and routing.

Vision and Discrete Sensors May 11, 2022

Linear Position Transducers

New Alliance Linear Position Transducersfrom AutomationDirect AutomationDirect has added new stainless steel linear variable inductance transducers (LVITs) from Alliance Sensors Group to their growing lineup of linear position sensors. These sensors convert the linear displacement of an object into a proportional analog output of 0 to 10 VDC or 4 to 20mA (depending on model).   The compact LZ13 series has a ½” diameter stainless steel body, a stainless steel threaded rod, and is available in stroke lengths from 2.5 to 200 mm. The larger LZ19 series features a ¾” diameter stainless steel body, a stainless steel threaded rod, and stroke lengths from 2.5 to 375 mm. The rugged LV series, designed for heavy-duty industrial applications, comes with a 45mm diameter stainless steel body, a ½” stainless steel rod, and a rod eye mounting system that provides freedom of motion while tracking linear movement along a single axis. The Alliance LVIT proprietary SenSet™ process provides the ability to match the endpoints of the sensor’s analog output with the ends of the range of motion of a workpiece (such as a hydraulic cylinder ram) in which the sensor is installed.