A well-recognized name in the industrial automation market, AutomationDirect provides quality products with FREE award-winning in-house sales and technical support. AutomationDirect provides customers with quick order and delivery through an online store which makes self-service easy with tools such as product selectors, 3-D CAD viewer, and more. Prices are well below the industry average and a 30-day money-back guarantee is offered on nearly all items. With thousands of part listings, products include PLCs, HMIs, motors, drives, enclosures, pneumatics, pushbuttons, sensors, enclosures, circuit protection, wire, and much more. The state-of-the-art headquarters facility near Atlanta is designed throughout for maximum performance. Orders for in-stock items can be taken as late as 6 p.m. EST and shipped for fast delivery, and most orders qualify for free, two-day delivery.The company provides online tutorial videos through their web store as well as their YouTube channel. A Customer Forum provides peer support on technical and application questions.


I/O Systems, I/O Modules July 1, 2019

Remote I/O To BRX Micro PLCs by AutomationDirect

AutomationDirect has added input/output (I/O) expansion modules to its BRX Micro programmable logic controller (PLC) product line.

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Process Instrumentation and Sensors May 1, 2019

Multi-conductor sensor/actuator cable by AutomationDirect 

Flexible multi-conductor sensor/actuator cable is now available from AutomationDirect in 24 AWG and 22 AWG with 3, 4 or 5 unshielded conductors, and in customer specified one-foot increment lengths.

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Electrical April 1, 2019

AcuAMP solid core AC current transformers by AutomationDirect 

AutomationDirect’s AcuAMP Solid Core current transformers are instrumentation grade (commercial class) and are designed to measure primary current.

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Electrical March 1, 2019

Contrinex DW series by AutomationDirect

AutomationDirect’s Contrinex DW series of inductive proximity sensors now includes additional harsh duty sensors and new standard duty sensors with quadruple sensing ranges.

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Motors and Drives January 1, 2019

IronHorse MTCP2 by AutomationDirect 

AutomationDirect’s IronHorse MTCP2 industrial duty motors are offered in T-Frame (1 to 300 hp) and TC-Frame/C-Face (1 to 30 hp).

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Electrical Safety March 8, 2023

Atlas 300V Type AWM Wire

AutomationDirect has added 300V Atlas Type AWM (appliance wire material) wire that is commonly used for appliance wiring, control cabinets, and machine tool applications. This new wire meets the National Electrical Code (NEC) and NFPA Standard 79 requirements and is made in the USA. Atlas Type AWM wire consist of a tinned copper single conductor covered with a colored polyvinyl chloride (PVC) outer jacket and is available in sizes ranging from 26AWG to 16AWG. Various color options are offered including blue with white stripe, white with blue stripe, and green with yellow stripe versions. The new Atlas Type AWM wire is sold in spools of 500 or 1,000 feet (depending on gauge size). Learn more by visiting:

Machine Safety March 8, 2023

IDEM Two-hand Safety Control Panels

AutomationDirect announces the addition of IDEM two-hand safety control panels to their safety products portfolio. Two-hand safety control panels, used with a special control monitoring relay, require an operator to use both hands simultaneously during a hazardous operation. This forces operators to keep their hands on the two-hand control actuator and out of harm’s way.

I/O Systems, I/O Modules February 22, 2023

Schmersal Compact Limit Switches

Schmersal Compact Limit Switches  from AutomationDirect AutomationDirect has added new Schmersal compact limit switches that provide an affordable solution for a variety of object detection applications. Their small size allows easy installation in confined spaces. These rugged limit switches offer a 31mm body width, with a 45-degree adjustable, die-cast zinc head, and a thermoplastic housing. Several actuator styles are available, including plunger, plunger with roller, side rotary lever with roller, and adjustable rod. Schmersal compact limit switches are available with N.O.

Process Instrumentation and Sensors February 15, 2023

ProSense VCT Series Harsh Duty Vibration Transmitters

  ProSense VCT Series Harsh Duty Vibration Transmitters  from AutomationDirect     AutomationDirect has added ProSense VCT series vibration transmitters that accurately detect vibrations of industrial equipment, primarily rotating equipment such as steam and gas turbines, pumps, motors, compressors, and rolling mills. Vibration sensors provide early detection of developing malfunctions, allowing for timely maintenance before major damage or failure results in costly repairs and production downtime.   These MEMS-based sensors are ideal for harsh industrial applications and offer a rugged stainless-steel construction, a wide operating temperature range, and a high IP67/68/69K protection rating (depending on the IP rating of the cable used).

I/O Systems, I/O Modules October 19, 2022

STAHL Intrinsically Safe Isolators

More STAHL Intrinsically Safe Isolators from AutomationDirect AutomationDirect has added more intrinsically safe isolation barriers from STAHL. These modules ensure only a safe amount of energy resides in an electrical circuit, installed in a potentially explosive atmosphere, so that no sources of ignition are created. More digital, analog, and temperature modules, new frequency transmitter isolators, and a Zener Barrier for thermocouple signals have been added. Additional accessories include a configuration kit for the temperature and frequency modules and replacement fuse kits for the Zener Barrier. The new STAHL intrinsically safe isolation barrier modules start at $189.00 and come with a one-year warranty. Learn more by visiting:

I/O Systems, I/O Modules October 19, 2022

Quabbin Control and Signal Cable

More Quabbin Control and Signal Cable from AutomationDirect AutomationDirect has added more control and signal cables from Quabbin. These signal cables are available in shielded or unshielded versions, with conductor sizes from 24AWG to 16AWG, and with various conductor counts ranging from 2 to 25 conductors depending on cable size. Twisted pair or twisted triad options are also available. Individual conductors are stranded tinned copper with color-coded insulation for easy identification; all cables include a PVC chrome gray jacket. These 150-, 300- or 600-volt rated cables are ideal for low-voltage control signals and audio applications. The new Quabbin control and signal cables are UL and CSA approved, proudly made in the USA, and can be ordered cut to your specified lengths in 1-foot increments with a 30-ft. minimum starting at $0.23 per foot.

Ethernet February 1, 2023

Murrelektronik 10Gbps Cat6a Ethernet Cables

AutomationDirect now offers Cat6a industrial Ethernet cables from Murrelektronik. These shielded cables include an M12 X-coded connection on one end and an RJ45 connection on the other. The X-coded designation is commonly used with industrial vision systems.

Robotics January 25, 2023

Schmalz End-of-Arm Tooling Components

AutomationDirect now offers end-of-arm tooling components for robot arm vacuum pick-and-place applications. Components can be purchased individually or in kits that include everything needed to create a single-beam or dual-beam end-of-arm tool. Kits are simple, save time and money, and include structural rails (which support optional internal vacuum), connectors, cup mounts, vacuum tubing, vacuum cups, fittings, a basic ejector, a flange for Universal robot, and a blank robot flange. Simply cut the structural rails to the desired lengths, determine the location of the suction cups, assemble the unit, and add the robot interface flange for your brand of robot or drill your own using the included blank robot flange. Schmalz end-of-arm tooling components start at $8.00, and kits start at $995.00. All Schmalz end-of-arm tooling components and kits come with a one-year warranty.  Learn more by visiting:

Vision and Discrete Sensors November 16, 2022

Datalogic Smart Vision Sensor

AutomationDirect has proudly entered the industrial vision market with the addition of the Datalogic Smart Vision sensor. This sensor is an intelligent self-contained system that can capture an object’s image as it passes by and make decisions based on the details of that image. Built around a powerful multiprocessor platform featuring embedded artificial intelligence technology, the Smart-VS sensor is highly advanced but remains simple to configure using the teach procedure or Web app. These sensors can be used to check production output for flaws or verify an object's positioning before entering the next phase of production.

Motors and Drives October 5, 2022

L7P Servo Systems

LS Electric L7P Servo Systems from AutomationDirect AutomationDirect has added new L7P servo motors, drives, cables, and gearboxes from LS Electric. These new intermediate-level L7P servo systems have all the features of the basic L7C servos including setup wizards, auto tuning, built-in indexer, and more, but with a larger range of system sizes and the option for 460VAC operation. The built-in absolute encoder on each servo motor is also higher resolution at 19-bit (524,288 ppr). The L7P systems are available from 100W to 7.5kW with 230VAC input power and 900W to 7.5kW with 460VAC input power. The 230VAC systems can operate single-phase up to 2.2kW. All motors are available with or without a 24VDC holding brake. The free Drive CM software eases setup/configuration and includes autotuning algorithms and an oscilloscope to fully optimize your application. A matched set of LS Electric gearboxes are also available for each motor, with gear ratios of 5:1, 10:1, and 20:1 (7.5kW systems limited to 15:1).

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