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Flexible, high-performance SCADA software for plant personnel, AVEVA Plant SCADA offers superior operational context and built-in functionalities to help consolidate, simplify, and optimize control. It empowers operators of industrial processes to streamline their operations for efficiency, reliability, and safety. With intuitive configuration tools and powerful engineering features, AVEVA Plant SCADA helps consolidate and streamline control from an increasing array of data sources. This enables the creation of a visually informative supervisory application that maintains operator focus, reducing human error and revealing opportunities for performance improvement. Plant SCADA’s robust capabilities allow a holistic view of operations, empowering teams to not only optimize the now, but also look to the future in the design and acceleration of operations control.

Networking and Security June 14, 2021

Operations Control software subscription

Operations teams share common goals, even when distributed across various levels of the organization or physical locations. While perspectives at each level of operations may differ, the common need to make actionable decisions requires software solutions capable of connecting teams across the business. AVEVA Operations Control, a user-centric software subscription for industrial operations, brings the software your teams need to operate at their best. Give all of your users actionable information to drive better decisions in real time to excel and drive increased operational efficiency, reliability and agility with a cohesive and sustainable software framework, from edge to enterprise.

HMI, OI November 3, 2005

Edge platform for SCADA/HMI

AVEVA Edge is a comprehensive platform that includes all the tools you need to make SCADA and HMI applications that have real power behind them.

DCS, SCADA, Controllers October 6, 2007

Enterprise SCADA

AVEVA Enterprise SCADA is the most trusted SCADA for enterprise oil and gas pipeline and gas distribution operations worldwide. A highly distributed and secure real-time platform, it integrates with AVEVA’s advanced pipeline operations applications to deliver superior situational awareness to the control room operators. Generic SCADA systems lack the tools to assist oil and gas companies in operating the pipeline in real time. This means that the pipeline controller must perform many tasks manually, jeopardizing productivity, safety and customer satisfaction.

HMI, OI October 21, 2022


AVEVA InTouch HMI, formerly Wonderware powers more than 100,000 plants and factories around the world, helping to achieve world-class performance, reduce costs and improve product quality.   Let AVEVA InTouch HMI take you beyond simplistic graphics to create meaningful content that will drive enterprise-wide operations productivity and cost savings. AVEVA InTouch HMI empowers operators to optimize routine human interactions with industrial automation systems. The result is a quantifiable net increase in operator effectiveness.

DCS, SCADA, Controllers August 1, 2002

System Platform

AVEVA System Platform with Operations Management Interface (OMI) is the world’s only responsive, scalable solution for supervisory, advanced SCADA, MES, and IIoT applications that contextualizes operations processes across the organization. AVEVA System Platform provides a collaborative, standards-based foundation that unifies people, processes, and assets across all facilities for continuous operational improvement and real-time decision support.

DCS, SCADA, Controllers April 2, 2018

Unified Operations Center

AVEVA Unified Operations Center offers a broad view of process and infrastructure operations with the ability to combine information from many different sources into a single graphical environment for enterprise visualization. Whether your interest is a combination of process metrics, maintenance analytics, engineering documentation, financial performance, or anything in between, Unified Operations Center is the foundation for real-time operational performance management. Enterprise Visualization through AVEVA Unified Operations Center is for teams and users tasked with organization-wide responsibilities. It makes content available through a single-pane-of-glass environment, in which Operations Technology (OT), Information Technology (IT), and Engineering Technology (ET) converge to provide actionable information in context for industrial operations.

Info Management June 1, 2005


Capture and store high-fidelity industrial data. AVEVA Historian is a process database integrated with operations control that gives you access to your process, alarm and event history data. Combining advanced data storage and compression techniques with an industry-standard query interface, AVEVA Historian brings high-performance simplicity to your team. It makes sure your team is fully aware of operational performance for faster troubleshooting and more informed decisions.