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Process Safety August 1, 2008

Pharmaceutical manufacturers use PLM to swallow bitter regulatory pill

Pharmaceutical manufacturers are focusing attention and resources on product life-cycle management (PLM) adoption, according to a report out of London-based Datamonitor, titled Streamlining Information in the Pharmaceutical Industry with PLM. “Similar to other industries without a traditional focus on PLM, there have been above-average growth rates in PLM for pharmaceuticals and biotechno...

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System Integrators January 1, 2008

IT in airplane manufacture: Where does responsibility lie?

Among the biggest challenges airplane manufacturers face is how to integrate manufacturing and information technology in supplier organizations, where more responsibility for manufacturing operations is shifting. One company addressing supply chain responsibility in a formal way is France's Airbus, which trailed some competitors in adopting the latest electronic design and enterprise management...

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System Integration November 1, 2007

How to get the most value from e-procurement tools

Electronic procurement—virtually unknown just eight years ago—is standard technology in nearly all companies today. E-procurement solutions initially served procurement department functions exclusively, but today its scope in some cases has expanded to that of enterprisewide systems. One result is the opportunity for procurement, operations, manufacturing, and logistics to work clos...

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Workforce Development November 1, 2007

Rich Web applications support a business case in the SOA adoption era

Rich Internet Applications (RIA) combine the flexibility and ease of use of an intelligent desktop application with the broad reach of traditional Web applications. RIAs allow users to create personalized, multimedia-rich applications. Users also can tap into RIAs to create interactive data dashboards, self-service applications, and online product configurators.

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Diagnostics, Asset Management November 1, 2007

IT Library lets us all speak the same language; read from the same page

Across enterprise and information technology (IT) processes, you may find that while people are working within the same structure, they are speaking different languages. One of the best ways to eliminate communication barriers is the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), a framework of best-practice approaches intended to facilitate delivery of high-quality IT services.

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