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Binder USA, LP, is a subsidiary of binder Group, a leading global manufacturer of circular connectors, custom cordsets, and LED lights. binder USA products are used around the world in industrial environments for factory automation, process control, and medical technology applications. Defined by technical innovation and traditional values, the binder name is synonymous with the highest standards of quality and reliability. The company’s quality management system is ISO 9001 and 14001 certificated, but it is a solution-focused approach to customer applications and commitment to superior service that truly differentiates binder from the competition. 


I/O Systems, I/O Modules June 1, 2023

Series 720 and NCC 770 snap-in miniature connectors

binder USA announced new angled variants of its snap-in 720 and NCC 770 series miniature connectors. A notable design change is the addition of a threaded ring between the contact body and the angled housing. This enables connectors to withstand loads that far exceed standard requirements, even when the force is applied at an angle to the connector axis.

binder USA
Networking and Security May 1, 2023

Plug & Play connectors

Binder announced new Plug & Play connectors compatible with Deutsch DT, AMP Superseal, and AMP CPC series connectors (in combination with connectors from the binder portfolio) as part of its Plug & Play product selection. Mobile machinery used in agriculture and construction requires a high level of customization. A complex network of sensors, actuators, controls, and other components must connect to moving equipment such as tractors, harvesters, excavators, and cranes.

binder USA
Industrial Networking January 1, 2023

Binder Series 423 M16 Connector

binder USA has developed a complete portfolio of connectors, contacts, tools and accessories for crimp termination. binder’s crimp variants simplify wiring for quick cable assembly on site. The 423 series M16 connector offers reliable connectivity for signals, data, and electrical power with low contact resistance and gas tightness. These connectors have the tensile strength and non-detachable (IP67-level) connection needed for challenging applications such as the installation of gas meters, railroad technology, sensors and actuators, test and measurement, and industrial controls.

binder USA
Electrical May 2, 2022

Overmolded Cable Connectors for Series 770 NCC Connectors

binder USA announced the 770 NCC (Not Connected Closed) series of 8-pin cable connectors, equipped with molded, UL-approved PUR or PVC cables. The series is designed primarily for use in applications where liquid media are found, such as medical device engineering, measurement and control technology, and a variety of industrial applications. The NCC addresses several common challenges: Medical applications require smooth product surfaces to prevent the accumulation of dirt and reduce contamination risk. Clinical applications frequently require mobile devices to connect to other equipment on site quickly, without risk of contaminating the unmated flange part of the connection.

binder USA
Electrical June 1, 2022

binder M12 K/L Coded Connectors

binder USA's new 823 and 824 series M12 cable connectors are designed to meet the testing and certification requirements of the North American market. These compact M12 K- and L-coded connectors include both male and female cable and angled connectors. They feature M12x1 threads, 8-mm to 13-mm cable outlets, and IP67-rated screw clamp terminals.

binder USA
Ethernet September 1, 2022

Series 823 M12-L Panel Mount Connector

binder USA expanded its M12 portfolio to include panel mount connectors with L-coding and dip solder contacts. As part of binder’s 823 series, this compact connector is used for hand soldering, wave soldering, and reflow soldering on printed circuit boards (PCBs). The M12-L is a space-saving alternative to the 7/8-inch connectors typically used in power supply, making it ideal for Industrial Ethernet applications in the PROFINET environment.

binder USA
Industrial Networking July 1, 2022

Pre-Assembled Overmolded Cables for M12 Connectors

binder USA introduces pre-assembled and pre-tested overmolded cables for use with M12 connectors. The new ready-to-connect cables eliminate the need for single-core wiring, reducing errors and speeding up installations. They are essential to plug & play and plug & work solutions in M12 field installations.

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