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Discrete Manufacturing May 9, 2017

Photoelectric sensor series for packaging, material handling applications

Carlo Gavazzi's PD30CN series of photoelectric sensors with PointSpot Beam are designed for packaging, material handling, plastics, and machine tool applications.

By Carlo Gavazzi
Discrete Manufacturing January 12, 2017

Inductive proximity sensors for space-limited applications

Carlo Gavazzi's ICB12S extra-short inductive proximity sensors have a thread length of 23 mm and overall housing lengths as short as 25 mm and are designed for applications where space is limited.

By Carlo Gavazzi
Discrete Manufacturing April 29, 2016

Three-phase pump soft starter for water treatment applications

Carlo Gavazzi's RSWT Series is a self-optimizing 3-phase pump soft starter, in which all three phases are controlled to achieve current balancing on all phases and is designed for agriculture, water treatment, and HVAC applications.

By Carlo Gavazzi
Discrete Manufacturing March 3, 2016

Fiber-optic cables and sensors for industrial applications

Carlo Gavazzi's FA1 Fiber-Optic Amplifier and the FUT and FUR fiber-optic cables are designed for a wide variety of industrial applications and are designed for flexibility.

By Carlo Gavazzi
Energy Efficiency January 14, 2016

Analog input solid state proportional controllers

Carlo Gavazzi's Single Phase RGx1P Proportional Output Controllers are designed to control resistive heating elements and speed of ac motors in HVAC applications as well as short wave infrared heaters in semiconductor equipment.

By Carlo Gavazzi
Discrete Manufacturing September 1, 2015

Inductive proximity sensors designed for harsh environments

Carlo Gavazzi's ICS Series of inductive proximity sensors and cordsets are designed for harsh environments and comply with or are certified to IP69K, Ecolab, and FDA standards, and accommodate hot and cold temperature extremes.

By Carlo Gavazzi
Discrete Manufacturing August 28, 2015

Inductive proximity sensors with microprocessor-based design

Carlo Gavazzi's ICB Series of inductive proximity sensors with up to three times sensing range and have a microprocessor-based design allows calibration after the assembly.

By Carlo Gavazzi
Process Safety March 25, 2015

Capacitive sensor series has better immunity to dust, humidity, EMI

Carlo Gavazzi's 4th Generation Tripleshield CA18CA capacitive proximity sensors feature improved immunity to dust, humidity, and EMI and also features an optional dust alarm output that gives an early warning of accumulation on the face of the sensor.

By Carlo Gavazzi
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