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Vision and Discrete Sensors April 2, 2024

Light Hub for Zebra Iris GTX Smart Cameras

Advanced Illumination, the originators of LED lighting for machine vision, is announcing the release of a new class of LED lighting controllers, aimed at revolutionizing machine vision system building through the simplification of camera, light, and I/O accessory interconnectivity. This machine vision solution cuts down on cost and setup time by operating as the connection “hub” between essential machine vision components. Starting with a variant that connects to Zebra’s popular line of Iris GTX Smart Cameras (previously part of Matrox Imaging), Advanced Illumination has developed the Light Hub for Zebra Iris GTX Smart Cameras. Also known as the HCS-150-ZEB (ZEB for Zebra), this Light Hub is capable of directly powering its connected Zebra camera, while providing essential I/O functionality like triggering and analog dimming control between the connected light head, the Zebra camera, and any connected I/O accessories. Because this SignaTech-enabled controller can supply 4 amps of continuous output and up to 10 amps of overdrive strobe, users don’t need to compromise with their machine vision lighting.

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Automation April 4, 2022


The In-Sight 2800 vision system combines deep learning technology with traditional rule-based vision tools to easily solve a wide range of inspection applications.

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