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Wireless June 13, 2016

China Industry Internet Conference 2016

Control Engineering China and Plant Engineering China are hosting an IIoT conference in Shenzhen on June 30.

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Energy, Power April 29, 2015

Inverter efficiencies reduce emissions, waste

With more than 10,000 high-voltage inverters running on working sites globally, the annual electric savings could reach approximately 14,467,000,000 kWh, enough to supply the world’s lighting needs for 10 hours, according to a Control Engineering China article.

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DCS, SCADA, Controllers April 11, 2015

Need for better security: SCADA/HMI connecting with mobile Internet

Control Engineering China (CEC) interviewed Marcia Gadbois, vice president and general manager of InduSoft, on SCADA/HMI development, factory intelligence, and the company’s recent merger.

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Discrete Manufacturing February 18, 2015

Smart upgrading of China’s process industries

While the double-digit annual economic growth might never come back, many believe that a more environmentally friendly and rational development mode will lead China to sustainable growth. Saving energy with production optimization and the recycling of waste heat for power generation are crucial to address China's environmental problems.

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Process Safety January 19, 2015

Global chemical industry needs integrated engineering

In addition to advanced management requirements, large volumes of data need to be available and up-to-date at all times from planning to operation. This requires a highly integrated engineering process over the entire lifecycle of plants.

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