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For over 38 years, ControlSoft has been the premier global provider of platform-independent advanced process control software and engineered process control solutions. Our products and services have been sought by prominent companies in industries such as oil refining, power generation, petrochemical and polymer production, glass making, pulp & paper, extrusion and food processing as well as many water and wastewater treatment facilities. Several of the leading process control vendors (PLC/DCS companies) license our software which is then embedded into their systems.Our INTUNE+ is a plant control predictive maintenance software suite that combines process control monitoring with powerful diagnostic and PID loop tuning/optimization tools. The complementary INTUNE+ I&C Insight product provides secure and immediate access to this information from any smart mobile device.Our MANTRA Advanced Process Control System includes an extensive library of pre-defined control algorithms and configurable faceplates operating in an easy to use, intuitive, drag-and-drop programming environment. The system is independent of the underlying PLC or DCS hardware and applies model-based control techniques which produce immediate results for our customers.We offer the following services: consulting and technology development, economic and technical feasibility studies, project management, engineering and design, commissioning, process control training and maintenance support.


DCS, SCADA, Controllers August 1, 2022

PC-based SCADA system

MANTRA Advanced Process Control is a PC-based supervisory control system with a graphical programming environment for easy implementation and maintenance. Leveraging a suite of patented model-based control technologies and executing on your control network, MANTRA software runs control calculations in real time working with your existing DCS, PLC or plant-wide information system.

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