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Discrete Manufacturing November 6, 2023

4Xxtreme Electrical Enclosures

The 4Xxtreme electrical enclosures which features the following cost of ownership saving advantages: Custom Stainless Enclosures Patented Double Seal Enclosure technology increases their enclosure’s ability to withstand the harshest environments. Gasket Failure is the number one issue when it comes to water getting into enclosures. The problem is, by the time a user realizes they have a problem, the damage has already been done.

Custom Stainless Enclosures
Machine Safety June 1, 2023

Single hygienic quarter turn design by Custom Stainless Enclosure

Custom Stainless Enclosures' Single Hygienic Quarter Turn Design is ideal for all enclosure door sizes. This simple but very effective design reduces premature electrical failures, extends the life of electronics and electrical components, resulting in increased plant production, reduced overall cost of ownership and increased plant revenue. The primary reason water gets into electrical enclosures today is that users do not close all the quarter turns (closing points) on the enclosure, which is paramount in keeping electrical equipment dry. Custom stainless enclosures has made a simple change to its already robust design to ensure its enclosures are closed properly by having one closing point per enclosure door.

Custom Stainless Enclosures
Electrical Safety March 1, 2023

4Xxtreme Double Seal Enclosures

The 4Xxtreme Double Seal technology offers multiple layers of protection. The outer seal rejects 99.9999% of water, so the inner seal never sees any water pressure. Any water that does get through the outer seal is minimal and easily passes through the weep holes in the bottom of the enclosure door, ensuring there’s never water build-up between the two seals. 4Xxtreme Double Seal Enclosures also feature a field replaceable blue gasket system, an easy-to-install “Push On" style gasket that requires minimal installation labor.

Custom Stainless Enclosures
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