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Ethernet August 28, 2021

How serial-to-Ethernet converters help attackers breach cyber-physical assets

Serial-to-Ethernet converters provide ICS operators with a cost effective and easy-to-use solution to achieve operational efficiency, but they also present malicious threat actors with a gateway to high-risk cyber-physical devices.

By Cynalytica
Cybersecurity August 27, 2021

Improve legacy critical infrastructure protection

Distributed network protocol 3.0 (DNP3) is a widely-used serial communications protocol for industrial control systems (ICSs) and is becoming a frequent target for hackers.

By Cynalytica
Control Systems August 21, 2021

An overlooked ICS cybersecurity gap for companies

A critical security gap that is widely ignored – the disparity between the attention applied between TCP/IP and serial network devices security.

By Cynalytica
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