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Diagnostics, Asset Management October 1, 1998

Instrument shipments, orders weaken in 1998’s first half

Perhaps foreshadowing more recent market declines and overall volatility, growth in new orders for the aggregated "Measuring and Controlling Instruments" (SIC 382) industry group—so strong during 1997—completely dissipating during 1998's first half, according to U.S. Department of Commerce data.

By Daryl Delano
Workforce Development July 1, 1998

Instruments may lose steam despite GDP growth in 1Q98

Is it time to cool off? Though the nation's GDP grew 4.2% during 1Q98, the U.S. Commerce Department says the manufacturing sector is showing some signs of slower growth. This suggests overall GDP gains will likely moderate during the rest of 1998.Manufacturing sector production expanded by 1.8% during 1Q98—down sharply from its 8.

By Daryl Delano
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