Founded in 1997, dataPARC is a leading provider of industrial analytics and data visualization tools for process optimization and decision support. With a focus on serving the process industry, dataPARC offers historian and real-time analytics software for vertical markets such as oil & gas, pulp & paper, mining & minerals, food, chemicals & refining, and power & utilities around the globe.


Data Acquisition, DAQ May 16, 2023

Data historian platform for engineering, technology and operations teams

dataPARC's next-generation data historian platform is aimed at delivering federated plant operations data to engineering, technology and operations teams. The new solution boasts improved performance, enhanced security and broadened manufacturing intelligence capabilities. Notably, the platform's open design supports other vendor historians and enables seamless integration with third-party cloud AI, ML and data warehousing applications, fostering enhanced efficiency and adaptability in the constantly evolving manufacturing sector. dataPARC customers will see a significant increase in performance speed, cutting load times in half for custom calculations.

Control Systems November 10, 2022


PARCview provides a single source of truth for all of your manufacturing data. It allows you to aggregate data from machines and manufacturing systems such as ERP, MES, lab, and quality systems to develop the insights you need to drive continuous improvement.PARCview is optimized for real-time analytics and high-speed performance. It is the right fit for small and large enterprise systems.

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