Dean Norton, product manager Wieland Electric


I/O Systems, I/O Modules June 5, 2002

Insulation displacement yields cost benefits

I nsulation Displacement Connection (IDC) is a highly reliable connection technology. It has been used for many years in the telecommunications/electronics industry and has been making its way into industrial control and automation applications. Passing stringent testing required of existing screw and spring technology terminal blocks, IDC has proven itself as a viable termination solution. IMAGE Making an insulation displacement connection entails forcing a conductor through a space between two terminating blades making contact with metal. IDC technology allows end-users to terminate wires without stripping or ferruling, thereby saving an average of 60% on installed costs while maintaining (or increasing) reliability and functionality. Cost reductions are a continuous need in today's automation and control industry. In an effort to support requirements to reduce costs, suppliers must either reduce component costs (hard costs) or help reduce installation costs (soft costs).

By Dean Norton, product manager Wieland Electric
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