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Machine Safety June 1, 2005

Measuring process fluid flow: an exacting task

To perform properly, instruments for measuring process variables must be specified correctly—a demanding job at best. And when it comes to measuring process fluid flow, many control engineers will tell you that specifying the right flowmeter is the toughest job of all. Newer technologies are gaining on more traditional sensing methods, recent research suggests.

By Dick Johnson Control Engineering
Mechatronics and Motion Control April 1, 2004

Ubiquitous Servos Leverage Design Flexibility

While servo motors have been successfully adapted to wide applications in various industries, manufacturers persist in expanding the flexibility of these motors. Servo motors offer sophisticated motion control over wide torque ranges in standard compact packaging. They're also available in packages that resist electromagnetic- and radio-frequency interference and stand up to a host of hostile i...

By Dick Johnson Control Engineering
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