HMI, OI April 3, 2023

Series 09 Rugged Keypads with 8 Pushbuttons

EAO expands its Series 09 Rugged Keypads to include an 8-pushbutton, IP6K9K sealed keypad with interchangeable legends. The keypad with 8 pushbuttons feature freely configurable 4-segment RGB halo ring illumination, which enables the indication of operating states and intelligent visual feedback from the keypad. The flexibility regarding the application is rounded off by interchangeable ISO7000 or customer-specific symbols and the possibility of colored symbol inserts.

HMI, OI May 2, 2022

Series 84 IO-Link Touch

  The freely configurable, bright, and capacitive IO-Link Touch opens up HMI possibilities for a wide range of industrial applications.   With the advent of digitization in the industrial sector, machine manufacturers can develop completely new machines and equipment. At the same time, this creates an even more intensive operating experience for the end user. However, to reap the benefits of digitization, machine manufacturers must overcome demanding challenges, for instance, in terms of system complexity or the enormous investment of time and money required to digitally transform their analog machines.

HMI, OI April 1, 2021

Series 09 Universal Switch

The Series 09 Universal Switch has been developed for E1 applications, includes an integrated connector recess and is ideally suited for use in vehicle interiors – in particular for various switching controls in passenger cars, electric vehicles, buses, trucks and special vehicles.   Typical applications:   Menu / reset button Lock / unlock Headlight on / off Heated seats / air-conditioning / fan Transmission control SOS and hazard light switch Various driving functions   This universal switch is suitable for safety-relevant applications. Diagnostic capability resulting from resistance coding (Namur) enables, for example, cable breakages and switching states to be detected. There is also the option of two redundant switching signals.   The Series 09 switches can be combined to create an almost unlimited range of switch functions in many varied vehicle applications.