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Courtesy: Sigmatek, New Products for Engineers Database
HMI, OI September 29, 2021

Modern dashboard benefits for manufacturing plants

A modern dashboard is one such way to take raw production line data and present it in a way that it becomes useful information for various system stakeholders such as plant management, operations and maintenance. 

By Ed Miller
Automation March 7, 2021

Six steps for supporting an automation system

There’s nothing revolutionary in this six-step process; however, it is a workable model for helping to find, analyze and correct system issues.

By Ed Miller
Automation December 16, 2018

System repairs: 6 steps to find the root cause

Automation systems will eventually need to be repaired. Following a regular procedure while troubleshooting to find the root cause can be a big help.

By Ed Miller
Manufacturing IT, MES October 1, 2008

Ed Miller: Leveraging after-sales service for competitive advantage

In a world where competing on product pricing alone is problematic, more companies recognize the importance of after-sales service as a means of enhancing brand value, strengthening customer relationships, and boosting revenue streams. Moreover, feedback from service activities is necessary in tracking maintenance and product configurations in the field.

By Ed Miller
Manufacturing IT, MES August 1, 2008

Ed Miller: Industry spotlight: Executives discovering value of PLM software

Because of the far-reaching impact of product life-cycle management (PLM) and its expanding footprint across the enterprise, the approach now is widely regarded as do-or-die in a turbulent global economy where companies leveraging these solutions will likely be among the top performers in the coming years.

By Ed Miller
Process Safety May 1, 2008

Ed Miller: Manufacturers leverage the expanding footprint of PLM

Once predominately focused on engineering design, product life-cycle management (PLM) is extending its reach to a broader range of activities, from early-stage product strategy development and planning to product engineering and manufacturing engineering, and on through to product maintenance and support.

By Ed Miller
Diagnostics, Asset Management March 1, 2008

Ed Miller: Leverage engineering simulation across the enterprise

Manufacturers across a range of industries would be hard pressed to design products without simulation tools such as structural analysis, multi-body simulation, and computational fluid dynamics. Yet despite their importance, manufacturers typically do a poor job of managing analysis results and related work processes.

By Ed Miller
Diagnostics, Asset Management January 1, 2008

Ed Miller: The PLM footprint steps onto the factory floor

Once predominately focused on engineering design, product life-cycle management (PLM) today encompasses a broadening range of activities—from early-stage product strategy to design, manufacturing engineering, and field service. One aspect of this evolution is tight integration with factory automation equipment, which creates a more seamless flow of information between virtual product and...

By Ed Miller