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Control Systems March 5, 2024

Flow meter solution delivers reliable, accurate measurement

Emerson released the Rosemount 9195 Wedge Flow Meter, a fully integrated solution consisting of a wedge primary sensor element, supporting components, and a selectable Rosemount pressure transmitter. The new meter’s unique flexible design is ideal for measuring process fluids with a wide range of demanding characteristics in various heavy industry applications, including metals and mining, oil and gas, renewable fuels, chemicals and petrochemicals, pulp and paper, and others. It can be very difficult to measure volumetric flow accurately and reliably in applications where the process liquid is highly viscous, extremely abrasive, prone to plugging, at high temperature, or a combination of these conditions. In applications with low ambient temperatures, hot process media, or a combination of both, heat tracing is often required, necessitating supply of electrical power, and creating a maintenance-intensive single point of failure. The Rosemount 9195 Wedge Flow Meter addresses these and other common measurement challenges with its unique design.

Emerson Systems
IIoT, Industrie 4.0 February 23, 2024

PC built to connect industrial floor to cloud

Emerson announced the new PACSystems IPC 2010 Compact Industrial PC (IPC), a rugged industrial computer designed to handle a wide range of machine and discrete part manufacturing automation applications. The new solution is designed to serve manufacturing sites and OEM machine builders who need a ruggedized, compact, durable IPC to cost-effectively support their Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and other digital transformation initiatives. The IPC 2010 addresses this by pre-loading the PACEdge industrial edge platform and elements of Movicon.NExT SCADA software, helping users run applications quickly using browser-based configuration. Provisions are included for keeping the software platform current and passively maintained, minimizing user effort, while maximizing reliability. Running an industrial version of Linux, and including serial and Ethernet connectivity, the IPC 2010 can be used as a communications gateway in a variety of topologies, and simultaneously or separately as an edge computing device. Users can implement the IPC 2010 as a flexible protocol converter—and for many other computing functions—in many IIoT, edge, OT/IT convergence, HMI visualization, SCADA connectivity, and digital transformation roles. Both the hardware and software are designed to be adaptable, universal, and scalable, providing a standardized and unified user experience that is easy-to-use, powerful, and supported by Emerson’s lifecycle services.

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Process Instrumentation and Sensors January 11, 2024

Pilot-operated relief valve for enhanced storage tank reliability and protection

Emerson has introduced the Fisher 63EGLP-16 Pilot Operated Relief Valve for installation on pressurized bullet tanks used to store liquid propane and anhydrous ammonia. This type of pressure relief valve (PRV) is typically installed on tanks fabricated by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), that provide them to end users, engineering firms, or contractor customers. The new valve is certified under UL132 and American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Section VIII. With a pre-installed national pipe tapered (NPT) thread standard 2-inch male hex nipple, this new product serves the need for a solution with a 2-inch connection that provides the same benefit as traditional multi-ported valves, but with simplified installation and maintenance.

Emerson Systems
Process Instrumentation and Sensors November 29, 2023

Position transmitter for critical isolation valve applications

Emerson has introduced the Fisher FIELDVUE 4400 position transmitter for use in critical isolation valve applications, including chemical reactor feed shutdown, pressure swing absorption, mineral pressure oxidation isolation, steam generator shutdown, and others. Isolation valves are typically outfitted with open and closed limit switches that provide valve position feedback. Unfortunately, the on/off nature of the switches severely limits the ability to diagnose valve performance, so a degrading valve will go unnoticed until it fails outright. Such a failure can have serious process implications, and it can pose safety risks as well. HART-enabled FIELDVUE 4400 valve position transmitters offer a cost-effective solution to address this and other issues.

Emerson Systems
Process Instrumentation and Sensors December 6, 2023

Fisher Fieldvue L2t Liquid Level Controller

Emerson's Fisher FIELDVUE L2t Liquid Level Controller, designed primarily for use in the separators found at most oil and gas well sites. Compared to alternatives using electric on-off valves, the new Fisher controller makes it possible to save significant energy and maintenance costs by minimizing valve movement, and by simplifying the level measurement and control processes. Level control is critical for achieving the best performance in separators, which remove gas and water from incoming crude oil feeds. Traditional solutions typically use a level gauge and control valve in one control loop, with an oil/water interface level instrument and control valve in a second loop, and with each loop executed by a separate controller.

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Process Instrumentation and Sensors November 15, 2023

DPC2K digital process controller

Emerson has announced the release of its new Fisher FIELDVUE DPC2K digital process controller (DPC2K). The DPC2K can be retrofitted to Fisher Wizard pneumatic controllers, and to pneumatic controllers from other manufacturers. The result is greatly improved closed-loop control and reliability, significantly reduced maintenance, improved safety, and superior environmental compliance.

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Sustainability February 2, 2023

Emerson Launches Ovation Green, a Dedicated Renewable Power Technology and Software Portfolio

Emerson has combined its comprehensive power expertise and renewable energy capabilities into the Ovation™ Green portfolio to help power generation companies meet the needs of customers navigating the transition to green energy generation and storage. By uniting the recently acquired Mita-Teknik software and technology with its own industry-leading Ovation automation platform, deep renewable energy knowledge base, cybersecurity solutions and remote management capabilities, Emerson has created a new extension of its power-based control architecture. The resulting portfolio focuses on the emerging clean energy market to provide simplified renewables automation to help power producers build and scale sustainable operations.   As renewable portfolios grow, the number of applied technologies will multiply, increasing learning curves and adding complexity to operations as solutions from different vendors require additional integration.

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Networking and Security October 12, 2022


Emerson has released DeltaV IO.CONNECT, a new subscription software service designed to help plants simplify modernization with an open architecture pathway that makes it possible to transition to more efficient control schemes without the need to completely overhaul existing infrastructure. In a traditional plant with tens of thousands of I/O points and many controllers, this can save hundreds or thousands of hours of labor and up to 40% of the capital required for a total rip-and-replace upgrade. Many plants still using control systems from 20 or 30 years ago are unable to reap the benefits of modern, digital technologies that optimize operations and improve sustainability.

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Analytics April 12, 2022

Monitoring Software

Global software and technology leader Emerson is updating its machinery health platform to enable customers to migrate to a more holistic, modern interface for condition monitoring. New support brings data from edge analytics devices directly to key personnel inside and outside the control room to help them more quickly identify and address a wide range of common equipment faults before they impact plant availability. Plants around the globe have faced increasing shortages of experienced personnel to monitor and manage equipment reliability.

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