Process Instrumentation and Sensors April 22, 2017

Data logger for profiling painted, powder-coated products

Fluke's Datapaq EasyTrack 3 system is a data logger designed to make profiling oven cure of painted and powder-coated products easier and it can be used in harsh environments.

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Process Safety October 31, 2016

Condition monitoring system for maintenance teams

Fluke Condition Monitoring is designed to provide a system of rugged voltage, current, temperature, and power sensors that can be moved from asset to asset or left in place for continuous monitoring.

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Discrete Manufacturing September 27, 2016

Infrared camera for thermographic applications

Fluke's TiX620 infrared camera has 640 x 480 resolution and provides measurement accuracy and its 5.6-in. high-resolution LCD screen enables thermographers to identify issues and edit images directly on camera while still in the field.

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Process Safety August 26, 2016

Leakage current clamps for monitoring critical equipment

Fluke's 368 FC and 369 FC Leakage Current Clamps help industrial electricians and maintenance technicians identify, document, record, and compare leakage current readings and minimize external electromagnetic interference.

By Fluke
Process Safety July 21, 2016

Monitoring system designed for checking voltage, current, temperature conditions

Fluke’s 3500 FC Series Condition Monitoring System for remote or local sensing, data logging, and alarming of voltage, current, and temperature measurements and is designed to help finding intermittent faults in discrete manufacturing lines, process facilities, and industrial machines.

By Fluke
Process Safety April 10, 2016

Thermal multimeter for improved troubleshooting applications

Fluke's 279 FC TRMS Thermal Multimeter is a test tool with an integrated a full-featured true RMS (TRMS) digital multimeter (DMM) designed to allow technicians to quickly and safely check for hot spots with the imager and then troubleshoot and analyze issues.

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Process Instrumentation and Sensors February 27, 2016

Infrared camera designed to capture automated, focused image

Fluke's Ti450 Infrared Camera uses Multisharp Focus technology, which is designed to capture an automated, focused image of multiple targets at once, delivering the image clarity needed by professional thermographers and maintenance managers.

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Mobility February 26, 2016

Industrial handheld oscilloscope for electro-mechanical systems

Fluke's ScopeMeter 120B Series features technology that recognizes signal patterns and automatically sets up the scope’s triggering, amplitude, and time base eliminating the typical trial-and-error setup process.

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Process Instrumentation and Sensors February 24, 2016

Tablet-based communication tool for HART communication functionality

Fluke's 154 HART Calibration Assistant is a standalone tablet-based communication tool that is designed to provide HART communication functionality.

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Mobility November 5, 2015

Wireless digital insulation tester

The Fluke 1587 FC Insulation Multimeter is a wireless digital insulation tester plus a digital multimeter (DMM) and is designed to provide enhanced versatility for both troubleshooting and preventive maintenance applications.

By Fluke
Energy, Power September 23, 2015

Three-phase power loggers for power quality, energy consumption recording

Fluke's 1736 and 1738 Three-Phase Power Loggers are designed to capture and log more than 500 power quality parameters and capture and log voltage, current, power, harmonics, and associated power quality values. It works with Fluke Connect system of software and wireless test tools.

By Fluke
Wireless February 27, 2015

Vibration meter designed to share data in real-time

Fluke's 805 FC Vibration Meter is a portable multifunction screening tool that can share data via Fluke Connect and is designed for frontline mechanical troubleshooting teams that need reliable and repeatable measurements.

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Energy Efficiency October 9, 2014

Electrical power source and calibration tool in 3 phases

Fluke's 6003A three-phase electrical power source provides three independent phases of precise voltage and current and is designed to be accurate enough for calibration laboratories.

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Manufacturing IT, MES February 1, 2013

Digital clamp meters recalled

Fluke Corporation is voluntarily recalling certain Digital Clamp Meters that were manufactured between Sept. 1, 2010 and Oct. 31, 2012.

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Machine Safety April 19, 2011

Tutorial: Hazard and risk categories for electrical workplace safety

As the electrical work environment becomes more hazardous, the need for arc flash, electrical transient, and electrical shock protection increases. Standards are cited and advice follows for ways to lower risk.

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