Gary Kirckof


System Integrators February 20, 2014

Can and should vendors fill the engineering gap?

Suffering a technical brain drain? Here are five specific ways customers can get effective help from vendors and distributors.

By Gary Kirckof
PLM, Control Design July 11, 2013

System design: Agile programming streamlines software development

Agile programming helps identify and prioritize programming tasks in need of attention and address them one at a time. This involves some research, coding, and especially testing, and aims to streamline the code development lifecycle to enhance future machine designs.

By Gary Kirckof
Motors and Drives January 18, 2013

Servomotor technology contributes to productivity

Servo drive control: Improved computing power advances servo motor technology. Fast processors in PC-based controllers (especially multi-core PCs) enable updates to multiple servo control loops while handling machine control logic.

By Gary Kirckof