Courtesy: GlobalData Oil and Gas Intelligence Center.
Oil and Gas February 20, 2023

Oil and gas industry overall contract value up by 27% QoQ during Q4 2022, reveals GlobalData

While recent years have seen a substantial drop in demand for oil, prices are slowly returning to pre-pandemic levels.

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Oil and Gas February 6, 2023

Petrochemical projects to dominate oil and gas industry

Petrochemical projects will amount for a majority of the oil and gas projects happening in the next five years with most concentrated in Saudi Arabia.

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Courtesy: Chris Vavra, CFE Media and Technology
Robotics January 3, 2023

Robots driving oil and gas industry growth

Robotics, thanks to automation and technology advances, is expected to be a key driver in oil and gas industry growth according to a report by GlobalData.

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Robotics August 18, 2022

Autonomous mobile robots’ role growing in industrial operations

Autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) are increasingly finding applications in the mobile robotics ecosystem as automation becomes the new normal.

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Automation March 24, 2020

Manufacturers focusing on faster automation in wake of coronavirus

GlobalData reports that the coronavirus (COVID-19) has made manufacturers realize the need for faster automation and innovation, but it is going to take time to recover from the virus' economic effects.

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Robotics June 18, 2019

Robotics to drive increased production, efficiency for oil & gas market

GlobalData reports that oil and gas companies are turning to robotics to drive productivity and efficiency due to volatile prices.

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