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Grace Technologies is making maintenance safer, smarter, and more productive with innovative electrical safety products and predictive maintenance solutions.  The GracePort® product is the single most popular panel interface connection used in the industry today. With GracePESDs®, the product category of Permanent Electrical Safety Devices was pioneered by Grace.  The new GraceSense™ product line of IIoT smart devices is a marriage of predictive maintenance technology and personnel safety techniques. Grace Technologies is a Rockwell Encompass partner with products available around the globe via a distribution network and sales presence in 60+


Process Instrumentation and Sensors July 25, 2021

Vibration and temperature node

The GraceSense Vibration and Temperature Node 2 monitors vibration and temperature to insightfully predict health on any rotating equipment.

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Power November 14, 2022

GracePort USB-C PD

The GracePort USB-C Power Delivery (PD) charging station allows service technicians and PLC programmers to safely charge their laptops and other handheld devices from outside the door using a USB-C charging cable. USB-C connections are quickly becoming an industry standard for transmitting both data and power within a single cable. In the case of our GracePort configurations, we wanted to create a more efficient option for providing power for laptops and other essential devices while on the job.   Under OSHA directives and NFPA 70E guidelines, there must be 50 Volts or above for shock hazards to exist in a typical work environment, and voltages operating at below 50 Volts do not require guarding against accidental contact which is required by OSHA under 29 CFR 1910.303(g)(2)(i).

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