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Cybersecurity November 25, 2020

Resiliency, security needed for digital automation future

Manufacturing's resilience has been strong during the COVID-19 pandemic, and cybersecurity needs to be stronger than ever as the nature of work changes.

By Gregory Hale
Cybersecurity October 22, 2020

IIoT’s growing impact on ICS cybersecurity

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) will have the strongest impact on operational technology/industrial control system (OT/ICS) cybersecurity.

By Gregory Hale
Cybersecurity October 19, 2020

Bureaucracy is an obstacle for cybersecurity projects

The inability to stop production and a bureaucratic approval process are the main barriers that inhibit industrial cybersecurity projects according to a report by Kaspersky.

By Gregory Hale
Safety October 17, 2020

How to quantify, compute system failure profiles

Developing computational frameworks to improve network resilience is a must for companies looking to weather a cyber attack or a natural disaster like a major storm.

By Gregory Hale
Cybersecurity October 14, 2020

Building automation, oil and gas facilities are top cybersecurity targets

There has been an increase in the percentage of systems attacked in the oil and gas industry as well as the building automation sector during the COVID-19 pandemic.

By Gregory Hale
Cybersecurity September 30, 2020

Technology hikes supply chain security, reduces risk

Regardless of how companies buffer supply chain gaps, they need to be cybersecure.

By Gregory Hale
Cybersecurity September 30, 2020

Physical security: picking up the pieces

Businesses need to be ready to pick up where they left off when it comes to enhancing physical security measures in the wake of COVID-19.

By Gregory Hale
Safety August 29, 2020

Safety: Learning to think the right way

Safety is more than following best practices: It’s about creating the right mindset within the workforce and among individuals to make the world safer. See five stages of post incident behavior-based (PIBB) discussion and five techniques to improve process safety.

By Gregory Hale
Cybersecurity August 12, 2020

Hackers exploiting COVID-19 anxiety in targeted phishing scams

Phishing assaults are becoming increasingly targeted, and the COVID-19 pandemic is one of many ways hackers are exploiting people and small companies.

By Gregory Hale
Cybersecurity July 27, 2020

Securing manufacturing in a crisis situation

With remote work becoming the new norm, it's important to stay on top of cybersecurity measures. Check out some tips on how to protect yourself from a cyber attack.

By Gregory Hale
Cybersecurity July 25, 2020

Looking to secure remote operations

The Forge Cybersecurity Suite offers passive asset discovery, active asset discovery, risk monitoring capabilities, and more to ensure that remote operations remain secure.

By Gregory Hale
Industry News June 27, 2020

3D printed reactor boots nuclear industry

A transformational challenge reactor (TCR), a microreactor built using 3D printing and other innovative approaches, should be up and running by 2023.

By Gregory Hale
Mechatronics and Motion Control June 27, 2020

Unlabeled data aids self-driving cars

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) have found a way to unlock a mountain of autonomous driving data to improve self-driving cars.

By Gregory Hale
Cybersecurity June 13, 2020

Phishing heads COVID-19 themed attacks

COVID-19 cyber attacks are on the rise according to researchers, and they are getting very sneaky in their methods.

By Gregory Hale
Cybersecurity June 9, 2020

New ways to attack Industry 4.0

Researchers warn smart manufacturing users and security professionals to be aware of advanced hackers.

By Gregory Hale
Cybersecurity June 7, 2020

DDoS attacks on rise due to COVID-19

The amount of distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS) rose at the beginning of this year primarily on education and municipal sites.

By Gregory Hale
Cybersecurity June 6, 2020

Validate security effectiveness and reduce exposure to potential risk

Without evidence of security performance, companies may be left with significant cybersecurity risk, according to a Mandiant research report.

By Gregory Hale
Cybersecurity June 3, 2020

Protecting worker safety, security after COVID-19 pandemic

Expectations for workers are changing due to the pandemic. Even after they return to work, it's going to be different, and companies need to adjust to this and ensure their workers are cyber-secure.

By Gregory Hale
Safety May 31, 2020

Staying safe in the “new normal” of COVID-19

As companies and manufacturers start to re-open in the near future, health and safety is a top priority.

By Gregory Hale
Cybersecurity May 1, 2020

Tech giants unite in COVID-19 smartphone effort

Google and Apple unveiled a joint effort to enable the use of Bluetooth technology to help governments and health agencies reduce the spread of COVID-19 while protecting user privacy.

By Gregory Hale
Cybersecurity April 30, 2020

IT-OT collaboration needs context and increased visibility

Information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) are continuing the process of working together, but non-manufacturing types need more understanding and context of what is happening on the plant floor for this merger to work.

By Gregory Hale
Safety Standards April 22, 2020

Alert released on protecting workers from COVID-19 pandemic

An OSHA alert released listing safety tips employers can follow to help protect manufacturing workers from exposure to the COVID-19 virus.

By Gregory Hale
Cybersecurity April 15, 2020

Associations unite for COVID-19 recovery

ASIS International and the Security Industry Association have partnered to help in the coronavirus recovery and rebuilding efforts. The primary focus areas will begin with business operations and advocacy, and content development and coordination.

By Gregory Hale
Industry News April 15, 2020

Chemical industry deemed essential by DHS

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has deemed the chemical industry an "essential critical infrastructure" during the COVID-19 pandemic.

By Gregory Hale
Cybersecurity April 14, 2020

COVID-19 cyber attacks and scams are a global issue

Cyber criminals are taking advantage of COVID-19 forcing the majority of employees forced to work remotely. Europol published an updated threat assessment after monitoring the impact of coronavirus and cybercrime.

By Gregory Hale
Cybersecurity April 13, 2020

Coronavirus phishing attacks rising

With many employees working remotely, there is a rise in COVID-19 themed email phishing scams. Follow these suggested tips to keep companies safe.

By Gregory Hale
Safety April 11, 2020

COVID-19 effects on safety operations

Safety is becoming a main topic of concern with coronavirus reducing the amount of crew members on site. Employee health and worker's fatigue are issues that companies need to take into consideration during this pandemic.

By Gregory Hale
Robotics April 10, 2020

COVID-19’s impact on mobile robotics growth

The COVID-19 pandemic is creating the opportunity for mobile robots to be used for various markets and could lead to a reassessment of supply chains in the future.

By Gregory Hale
Cybersecurity March 24, 2020

COVID-19 and remote access challenges for manufacturers

Companies are starting to offer protected remote access at no cost in response to the large number of employees working remotely due to coronavirus.

By Gregory Hale
Cybersecurity March 20, 2020

Remote security working in world of coronavirus

With a large influx of people working remotely due to COVID-19, cybersecurity is becoming a topic of concern for employers and their employees.

By Gregory Hale
Cybersecurity March 12, 2020

Coronavirus used in malware attacks

The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is being used as bait in email spam attacks on targets around the globe by using the promise of information or a cure to fool people.

By Gregory Hale
Safety March 11, 2020

Improvements made to Pennsylvania foundries for safer operations

Grants funded by the Pennsylvania Manufacturing Initiative are helping launch a project to help foundries learn to transition from using silica sands and take advantage of 3D printing.

By Gregory Hale
Cybersecurity March 6, 2020

Understanding ransomware attacks and the people behind it

Ransomware and cyber attacks are increasing against manufacturers. Some are trying to understand more about the people behind them and their motives, which are not always clear.

By Gregory Hale
Cybersecurity March 6, 2020

Manufacturers realize cybersecurity risks, taking steps

Manufacturers are realizing the potential dangers from cyber attacks, but that is the first step in the process. Learn how companies are trying to combat this growing problem and what more they can do.

By Gregory Hale
Industrial Networking February 28, 2020

Cybersecurity success hinges on teamwork, collaboration

Cybersecurity successes in 2020 will depend on information technology (IT) and operations (OT) coming together and collaborating and working past their differences.

By Gregory Hale
Safety February 26, 2020

Securing a process control safety system

Companies looking to keep their process control safety system secure to ensure a long lifecycle need to prioritize cybersecurity just as much now.

By Gregory Hale
Cybersecurity February 25, 2020

Boosting security of process control chemical systems

Wayne State University researchers have developed a process designed to enhance cybersecurity of chemical process control systems.

By Gregory Hale
Cybersecurity February 21, 2020

Strategies for securing the supply chain

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is working on a publication designed to reduce cybersecurity risks to the supply chain.

By Gregory Hale
Cybersecurity January 19, 2020

Method developed for more secure communication

Researchers at Bar-Ilan University showed long sequences with certified randomness are far from being truly random, which may lead to a new type of classified secure communication between two parties where even the existence of the communication itself is concealed.

By Gregory Hale
Cybersecurity January 17, 2020

Utilities benefit from a risk-based approach to cybersecurity

Utilities need to embrace a risk-based approach to cybersecurity to match the existing basic-level of compliance. See four issues utilities are currently facing.

By Gregory Hale
Safety January 8, 2020

Building a resilient safety system

While no safety system is perfect, it is imperative for users to understand the basics and define safety and risk to prevent accidents from happening that could have severe effects.

By Gregory Hale
Vision and Discrete Sensors January 7, 2020

Wearable sensor developed with kirigami architectures

Researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign successfully applied kirigami architectures to graphene to create sensors suitable for wearable devices.

By Gregory Hale
Process Safety January 4, 2020

Know when to not follow safety procedures

While safety is vital, there are times when following the standards isn't practical. Certain situational factors and abnormal occurrences require responses that are beyond the norm.

By Gregory Hale
Cybersecurity October 27, 2019

Physical and cybersecurity are converging

The distinction between digital and physical cybersecurity is vanishing, and the risks associated with connectivity have accelerated the need for new security protections in all aspects of manufacturing.

By Gregory Hale
Process Safety October 26, 2019

Stress and corrosion can accelerate alloy cracks

Arizona State University researchers have found that alloys, while strong, can be broken down by stress and corrosion in harsh chemical environments.

By Gregory Hale
Cybersecurity September 10, 2019

How to manage IoT cybersecurity

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has published a report to help organizations better understand and manage the cybersecurity and privacy risks associated with IoT devices throughout the devices’ lifecycles.

By Gregory Hale
IIoT, Industrie 4.0 September 6, 2019

Ensuring IIoT security best practices

The Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) has developed a white paper designed to bolster best practices related to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and data security.

By Gregory Hale
Vision and Discrete Sensors September 1, 2019

Camera expands vision capabilities with lasers

Stanford University researchers have developed a high-powered laser that captures reflected particles of light and reconstructs them with a camera’s advanced sensors and processing algorithm.

By Gregory Hale
Vision and Discrete Sensors August 31, 2019

Smart textiles improve device connectivity for HMIs, medical applications

Researchers from the National University of Singapore (NUS) have incorporated conductive textiles called metamaterials into clothing to connect several wearable devices at once, which could be used for human-machine interfaces (HMIs), health monitoring and other medical applications.

By Gregory Hale
Robotics August 28, 2019

AI-driven controller developed for hybrid drones

A team of researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL) have developed an AI-driven controller to control hybrid drones.

By Gregory Hale
Cybersecurity August 22, 2019

Program developed to train cybersecurity professionals

The University of Arkansas received a five-year, $4.63 million award from the National Science Foundation to recruit, educate and train the next generation of cybersecurity professionals.

By Gregory Hale
Machine Safety July 26, 2019

Rethinking machine safety risk

The design phase of a project allows companies to reduce potential machine safety before it has a chance to manifest itself as a hazard and danger to workers.

By Gregory Hale
Cybersecurity July 26, 2019

Anomaly detection can prevent cyber attacks

Understanding what devices a manufacturer has working on a network is important, but the next step is to take that knowledge and move toward prevention.

By Gregory Hale
Cybersecurity July 19, 2019

Researchers trying to make smart meters hackproof

Researchers at the University of British Columbia are developing an automated program in development aimed at improving the security of these devices and boosting security in the smart grid.

By Gregory Hale
Cybersecurity July 15, 2019

Benefits of operationalizing cybersecurity

Operationalizing cybersecurity requires balancing protection and response with cyber attacks, which are not predictable, and trying to stay ahead of the people who are actively looking to cause problems.

By Gregory Hale
Process Safety July 13, 2019

Method developed to assess heat distribution in nuclear reactors

A research team from the Department of Energy (DoE), using a supercomputer at the Argonne National Laboratory, have devised a high-fidelity approach to assess the heat distribution in a nuclear reactor design with fewer or no modeling approximations.

By Gregory Hale
Robotics June 23, 2019

Researchers working on automating fleet of drones

A team of researchers at Iowa State University are looking to deploy fleets of drones, but it's trickier than it sounds due to unexpected weather events and cybersecurity concerns.

By Gregory Hale
Robotics June 21, 2019

Using AI to help robots remember

Researchers at the University of Maryland have developed a method to combine perception and motor commands using the hyperdimensional computing theory, which could fundamentally alter and improve how robots translate what they sense into what they do through artificial intelligence (AI).

By Gregory Hale
Cybersecurity June 20, 2019

Researchers developing tools to encourage users to change passwords

Researchers from the University of Bath and Goldsmiths investigate whether a device that plugs in to a PC and signals to a user to change their password could help improve cybersecurity.

By Gregory Hale
Cybersecurity June 18, 2019

Providing security data in context for operators

Operators need to know the quality of that data within the proper context as the volume of data continues to increase to better prepare them for potential cyber attacks and other malicious events.

By Gregory Hale
Cybersecurity June 9, 2019

Financially motivated cyber attacks against manufacturers rising

The 2019 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) found the motive for cyber attacks against manufacturers are largely financial in nature, though espionage also remains a strong motivator for some.

By Gregory Hale
Virtualization, Cloud Analytics June 2, 2019

Electrical grid data cloaked in the cloud

A framework is being developed at the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Argonne National Laboratory that cloaks sensitive data, which allows grid operators to securely perform complex calculations in the cloud.

By Gregory Hale
Cybersecurity May 25, 2019

Method developed to detect cyber attacks with compressed network traffic

Researchers at the U.S. Army Research Laboratory (ARL) and Towson University are developing a method on compressing network traffic as much as possible without losing the ability to detect and investigate malicious activity.

By Gregory Hale
Cybersecurity May 18, 2019

Securing electric substations

Researchers at Georgia Tech have discovered that side channel signals and bolts of lightning from distant storms could one day help prevent hackers from sabotaging electric power substations and other critical infrastructure.

By Gregory Hale
Process Instrumentation and Sensors May 14, 2019

Sensitive heat sensor being developed for electronic, building applications

Researchers have developed a sensitive heat sensor that is flexible, transparent, and printable and could have potential for a wide range of applications – from electronic skin to smart buildings.

By Gregory Hale
Energy Efficiency May 5, 2019

Researchers working to improve battery density, safety

Penn State University researchers have developed a solid-electrolyte interphase (SEI) designed to increase energy density, performance, and safety for lithium batteries.

By Gregory Hale
Cybersecurity May 2, 2019

Safety and security need to be the backbone for manufacturing

Safety and security have become more interconnected as systems once immune to cyber attacks are now becoming vulnerable in an increasingly interactive world.

By Gregory Hale
Process Safety April 20, 2019

Improving process safety principles and best practices

A good process safety environment involves promoting best practices and principles early and often with engineers and encouraging education.

By Gregory Hale
Cybersecurity April 18, 2019

Research team looking to secure blockchain from cyber attacks

A research team from Northern Arizona University is looking to secure blockchain with an architecture that is compatible with cloud-based solutions.

By Gregory Hale
Cybersecurity February 19, 2019

The human aspect of cyber-physical systems

Researchers from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) are exploring and developing the human aspect of cyber-physical systems (CPSs), which are going to have a larger role in society.

By Gregory Hale
Cybersecurity February 17, 2019

Cybersecurity needs understanding and communication to work effectively

Communication and understanding between the information technology (IT) and operations technology (OT) department needs to improve as cyber attacks become more prevalent.

By Gregory Hale
Cybersecurity January 26, 2019

Untrained staff is the biggest cyber risk, according to report

A report by ESI ThoughtLab, in conjunction with Willis Towers Watson, found untrained staff is the greatest cybersecurity risk to business and a vast majority of companies know this.

By Gregory Hale
Cybersecurity January 20, 2019

Next-gen IoT security project being developed

Researchers have received a $750,000 grant to develop and commercialize a next-generation cryptosystem capable of protecting IoT devices from cybersecurity attacks through advanced authentication procedures.

By Gregory Hale
Cybersecurity December 11, 2018

Digital transformation is crucial for automation, mobility, industrial workforce education

Digital transformation is vital for companies, but a clear business path and plan is needed to make it viable.

By Gregory Hale
Cybersecurity December 8, 2018

Digital transformation needs a solid cybersecurity plan

Companies looking towards a digital transformation need cybersecurity and they need everyone–not just IT–to take responsibility to make it work.

By Gregory Hale
Safety December 1, 2018

Companies using safety to improve productivity, profitability

A survey from LNS Research finds companies are using safety to improve productivity and profitability as well as mitigate risks. The study also found there are plenty of areas for companies to improve.

By Gregory Hale
Cybersecurity June 6, 2014

Boomers departing: A matter of integration

Baby boomers from manufacturing automation industries are taking knowledge gathered through years of experience into retirement. Scrambling to find qualified workers to fill that void has begun. System integration and related technologies are helping.

By Gregory Hale