Vision and Discrete Sensors July 18, 2022

StructureScan Pro

GSSI’s ground penetrating radar systems are designed to help you expand your business and save you time and money. The StructureScan Pro is GSSI’s premium, versatile concrete inspection system. This system is based on the SIR 4000 controller with two high-frequency antenna options that are perfect for concrete scanners who want to expand into more applications.

Virtualization, Cloud Analytics March 24, 2022

UtilityScan GPR System

GSSI, the world’s leading manufacturer of ground penetrating radar (GPR) equipment, announces the updated UtilityScan® GPR system, with a new user interface (UI) that makes it easier than ever to locate and mark the depth of underground utilities in real-time in the field. With real-time target mapping, advanced scanning and identification capabilities, the rugged and flexible UtilityScan helps utility locating professionals accelerate workflow from target detection to reporting.UtilityScan is ideal for marking the location and depth of subsurface utilities, including gas, sewer, and communication lines. Real-time target mapping features include a new Map Mode that allows users to trace their steps and gain a bird’s-eye view of their survey.