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Process Instrumentation and Sensors September 26, 2016

Integrated panel systems for accommodating instrumentation and peripherals

Hardy Process Solutions' Integrated Panel Systems come in type 4 or 4X enclosures that are designed to accommodate instrumentation and peripherals such as buttons, switches, relays, and summing cards.

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Process Safety September 14, 2016

Swivel mount enclosures for harsh and washdown environments

Hardy Process Solutions' swivel mount enclosures contain HI 6000 series of weight processors that are designed for harsh and heavy washdown environments.

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Process Safety June 15, 2016

Extreme weight processor for stable weight readings and feed control

Hardy Process Solutions HI 6500-XP extreme weight processor has an update rate of 660 updates per second and is designed for applications such as batching, blending, filling, dispensing and check weighing.

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Process Safety November 8, 2023

HI6800 Weight Controller

The Model HI6800 is designed for weight-based control of applications such as level monitoring, set-point control, static checkweighing, and piece/part counting. The model features an optional 4.3-inch color TFT touchscreen for operation and setup. It comes with a dual-core processor, two Ethernet ports, a microSD card slot, USB-C port, 2 digital outputs, 2 digital inputs, and a single analog scale input.

Hardy Process Solutions
Process Instrumentation and Sensors September 15, 2023

HIBSX 24-inch Bench Scales

Hardy Process Solutions announced a new 24 x 24-inch addition to its line of HIBSX Series bench scales, which are easy to clean, low-profile and feature an all stainless-steel construction. The HIBSX series now come standard in the two most popular sizes, 12 x 12-inch and 24 x 24-inch. These scales offer simplicity and robust performance for food processing, chemical, consumer packaged goods and other industrial manufacturing weighing applications. With a Hardy optimized internal 'X' design, the scales reduce the time required to clean them while offering one of the lowest profiles in the industry at just 2.02 to 2.95 in.

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