Discrete Manufacturing March 22, 2016

Redesigned linear encoder series

Heidenhain's redesigned LIDA 400 series linear encoder is designed for several applications including coordinating measuring machines, linear motion stages, wafer inspection, waterjet cutting, and other related applications.

By Heidenhain
Industrial Networking March 18, 2016

Mill-turn control for machining large parts for power plants

Heidenhain's TNC 640 mill-turn control features enhanced graphics, interpolation turning and gear hobbing and can be used in applications such as machining large parts for power plants.

By Heidenhain
Discrete Manufacturing May 9, 2015

Absolute rotary encoder series expanded with synchronous serial interface feature

Heidenhain is expanding the range of its 1000 series of absolute rotary encoders with devices that feature a synchronous serial interface (SSI) and are designed to measure absolute position in different machines and devices with limited installation space.

By Heidenhain
Discrete Manufacturing January 28, 2015

Lathe control with enhanced functions, hardware

Heidenhain's CNC Pilot 640 lathe control combines turning-milling machines, vertical lathes, vertical boring, and turning mills functions. The software comes with high-resolution 3D graphic simulation.

By Heidenhain
Robotics September 2, 2011

Rotary encoders add profile for robotics and production

Heidenhain increased Profibus rotary encoders' functionality, supporting a profile used for robot control and production technology.

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