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Ethernet December 21, 2012

Consider a sensor network to ease connections

Do industrial networks meet expectations? Bypass increasing Ethernet and other network incompatibilities at the I/O, sensor, and safety level by using a widely accepted sensor network.

By Helge Hornis, PhD
Process Safety July 23, 2012

Safety at Work tutorial on networked safety strategies

Safety at Work, a multi-vendor, open technology, simplifies machine safety installations by collecting and controlling functional safety devices like e-stops, light curtains, guard switches, etc., connected to a simple and flexible two-conductor power and data network. See diagrams, video links.

By Helge Hornis, PhD
Ethernet March 5, 2012

Industrial Ethernet signal clarity

Best practices and latest technologies help ensure the information received over industrial Ethernet networks represents the desired measurement or instructions. These includes proper grounding, cable routing, proper shielding, and cable length.

By Helge Hornis, PhD
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