Info Management September 21, 2022

Intelligence Hub Version 2.5

HighByte Intelligence version 2.5 includes new features that improve system connectivity, monitoring, and management. Version 2.5 solves real, complex use cases and enables IT organizations to rapidly deploy the Intelligence Hub within their existing IT infrastructure to manage and govern the use of industrial data across the enterprise.   HighByte Intelligence Hub version 2.5 offers better support for Microsoft Azure with a new IoT Edge connector, support for IoT Central, and the ability to import DTDL models from Azure Digital Twins. The release also includes support for Active Directory, data source monitoring and alarming, flow performance metrics, and more.

IIoT, Industrie 4.0 June 22, 2022

Intelligence Hub Version 2.4

HighByte Intelligence Hub is a DataOps software solution purpose-built for industrial data. The Intelligence Hub enables manufacturers to securely connect, model, condition, and flow valuable industrial data to and from IT systems without writing or maintaining code. The software is deployed at the Edge to merge real-time, transactional, and time-series data into a single payload for consuming applications.

IIoT, Industrie 4.0 April 6, 2022

Intelligence Hub Version 2.3

HighByte Intelligence Hub is an Industrial DataOps software solution that enables manufacturers and other industrial companies to merge, prepare, and deliver modeled industrial data to and from IT systems without writing or maintaining code. The latest release includes a new aggregate condition that enables users to perform calculations on buffered data and publish with appropriate resolution to consuming analytics applications. Condition capabilities also includes new deadband functionality to reduce noise by applying a minimum change filter. Both aggregates and deadband allow for easier data handling and cost savings by limiting the amount of data streamed to the Cloud. HighByte customers are also leveraging version 2.3 for bi-directional communication between the Cloud and on-premises systems.