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IOTech solves the industrial data problem at the Edge.IOTech solves the industrial data problem at the edge. Used by the world's leading providers and consumers of industrial edge solutions, IOTech Edge Central makes industrial data easily accessible, actionable, and manageable. Edge Central is the most comprehensive foundational software solution for the edge and includes connectivity, processing, and edge management. Our modular and flexible plug-and-play, open-edge distributed computing data platform and edge management software toolset greatly reduce the time-to-value equation and protect software investment beyond the hardware lifecycle. Edge Central is based on EdgeX, the world's #1 open-source data integration platform, and a true, vendor-neutral collaborative ecosystem.


DCS, SCADA, Controllers July 11, 2023

Industry 4.0 connectivity for time-critical industrial edge systems

IOTech Edge Connect is the first Industry 4.0 connectivity solution designed specifically for time-critical and resource-constrained industrial edge systems. The technology is used as a high-performance embedded OT connectivity solution by some of the world's leading industrial OEMs. It provides a powerful edge software solution that simplifies the real-time acquisition of data from OT systems. Edge Connect supports key capabilities such as multi-protocol Southbound OT device connectivity, real-time data acquisition and aggregation, edge data processing, and data normalization to an Industry 4.0 standard OPC UA data layer that can be accessed by local edge applications or remote Cloud/IT systems. An easy-to-use device management API based on MQTT is also provided to help on-board and manage the lifecycle of new connected device endpoints.

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