Jackson Cates, Nick Malott, Tiati Thelan

Jackson Cates is a Business Analyst at Interstates. He has worked at Interstates for 3 years and serves food and beverage clients with a focus on machine learning, image analysis, and data analytics. Nick Malott is a Technology Analyst with 6 years of experience at Interstates. He specializes in evaluating and designing system architectures for data collection, storage, and advanced analytics spanning a variety of industries and customers. Tiati Thelen is a Business Analyst II at Interstates. She has three years of experience in analytics and has been with Interstates for two of those three years with a specialty in higher analytics.


Edge and Cloud Computing October 10, 2023

Three things to consider when deploying edge computing

Edge computing is changing manufacturing in many ways and companies can take advantage of the many benefits it involves. Three aspects of edge computing to consider are highlighted.

By Jackson Cates, Nick Malott, Tiati Thelan
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