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Other Building Types January 14, 2021

Supply chain efficiency is critical for COVID-19 vaccine

There are many supply chain links with the COVID-19 vaccine, which means the potential for something going wrong is greater. Efficiency and security are more important than ever.

By Jake Stump
PPE June 3, 2020

University working with 3D-printing developer to produce swabs for COVID-19 testing

The Innovation Hub at West Virginia University is working with a Massachusetts-based 3D-printing company to produce medical swabs for COVID-19 testing.

By Jake Stump
AI and Machine Learning September 25, 2019

Prolonging power plant life through artificial intelligence

A West Virginia University chemical engineer is tapping into artificial intelligence (AI) to prolong the lives of power plant boilers.

By Jake Stump
Educational Facilities August 26, 2019

Teaching engineers communication and the humanities

West Virginia University researchers are developing a holistic cross-disciplinary engineering education project to advance the professional formation of engineers to better prepare them for the more complex problems of today and tomorrow

By Jake Stump
Energy, Power August 22, 2019

Reducing freshwater use by power plants

West Virginia University researchers are seeking ways to quench the thirst of the nation’s power plants in a more cost-effective, environmentally-friendly fashion. 

By Jake Stump
Cybersecurity August 13, 2019

University receives award to prepare students for cybersecurity jobs

West Virginia University has received a $1 million award from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to prepare students for cybersecurity jobs with a project called "ACCESS," which cultivates cybersecurity experts through scholarships and education.

By Jake Stump