Jennifer Cardillo, Sulzer


Mechanical September 22, 2018

Optimizing pump reliability and performance

Taking a proactive approach and involving an expert maintenance provider can allow offshore platform operators to deliver significant benefits to their business in the long term.

By Jennifer Cardillo, Sulzer
Mechatronics and Motion Control September 5, 2018

Using digital technologies to create spare parts

Digitalization is the key to rapid and precise repairs, but repairing critical equipment can be a time-consuming task. This is especially true if original parts are difficult to source, which has led some to produce new casting parts using additive manufacturing technologies.

By Jennifer Cardillo, Sulzer
Energy Efficiency April 20, 2018

Improving gas turbine reliability

501F gas turbines are employed around the world to provide power and they require regular maintenance to provide continued reliability and performance and this needs to be both managed and delivered efficiently.

By Jennifer Cardillo, Sulzer