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System Integrators March 3, 2015

Advanced regulatory versus model-predictive control

Some currently practicing control engineers may be regarding the features and capabilities of advanced regulatory control (ARC) as inferior to model-predictive control (MPC)—but are they really?

By Jim Ford
Mechatronics and Motion Control January 28, 2014

Model-based control, dead times, lag times

Distillation columns and precise composition control: Composition control is critical for economical operation of distillation columns. Model-based control techniques prevent purity problems associated with dead and lag times.

By Jim Ford
Process Safety November 12, 2013

Distillation columns: Product composition control – process identification models

This technique can help reconnect information and actions that are separated by time.

By Jim Ford
Control Systems July 17, 2012

Tricks of the Trade: Level Control

Sometimes the most important control objective of a level controller is not to control the level.

By Jim Ford
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