John Clemons, Tim Gellner and Vicky Bruce

John Clemons ( is a solutions consultant, LifecycleIQ Services at Rockwell Automation. He has been working in the field of manufacturing IT for more than 30 years. R. Tim Gellner ( is a Systems Integration Consultant in Rockwell Automation’s Global Professional Services group with more than 25 years of experience in discrete and continuous manufacturing processes, systems integration, manufacturing execution systems, and process improvement. Vicky Bruce ( is global capability manager for Network and Cybersecurity Services at Rockwell Automation. In this role, she is responsible for the Cybersecurity, Network and Compute, and Infrastructure Managed Services portfolio.


Cybersecurity April 30, 2024

IT/OT cybersecurity, part 2: Developing a proactive and successful approach

A successful cybersecurity approach for industrial companies is proactive and requires a thorough plan that assesses and implements many tools and procedures to keep workers on alert and ready for a potential attack.

By John Clemons, Tim Gellner and Vicky Bruce
Cybersecurity March 28, 2024

IT/OT cybersecurity, part 1: Security challenges, trends and methods that don’t work

Cybersecurity is a bigger challenge than ever for information technology/operational technology (IT/OT) networks and many companies aren’t using the right approaches to solve the problem.

By John Clemons, Tim Gellner and Vicky Bruce
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