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Mechatronics and Motion Control December 10, 2019

Seven things to know about OMAC

The Organization for Machine Automation and Control (OMAC) assembles end-user manufacturers, original equipment manufacturer (OEM) machine builders, system integrators, technology providers, and non-profit and government agency organizations to address key issues, such as connectivity, manufacturing efficiency and best practices for global manufacturing.

By John Kowal
Simulators, Optimizers April 2, 2019

Plug and model simulation tools for automation software development suites

Simulation, modeling, and virtual commissioning are becoming easier to apply on different levels in automation. Interfaces to third-party simulation tools may be built into your software development suite already.

By John Kowal
Automation January 2, 2019

Automation programming advances enhance communication, other capabilities

Automation software and hardware advances reduce programming tasks and provide more built-in configurability, scalability, background communication among software components, simulation/digital twin capability, and usability.

By John Kowal
PLM, Control Design November 13, 2014

Industry 4.0 and industrial Internet of Things are automation investment opportunities

There is big money backing industrial Internet of Things, big data, and Industrie 4.0. Ensure you use what’s needed, and maybe more, to update your intelligent manufacturing efforts.

By John Kowal
Process Safety August 8, 2012

Convergence of standards, technologies creates food safety conformance

Safety standards and technologies converge to enable gains in productivity, operational excellence, and brand protection.

By John Kowal