Karen Abramic-Dilger, contributing editor (kadilger@comcast.net)


Virtualization, Cloud Analytics November 1, 2007

SaaS tool puts the hammer down on spreadsheet workarounds

Many people use email for project management and communication, but if a faster and more efficient method were available, most organizations would jump at the chance. Some companies have made this move with a new Web-based project planning and management system from Daptiv (formerly eProject). The on-demand Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application gives users an alternative to Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, manua...

By Karen Abramic-Dilger, contributing editor (kadilger@comcast.net)
Manufacturing IT, MES October 1, 2007

RosettaNet-E2open survey validates XML B2B integration

Accessing timely information is a top concern when collaborating with trading partners. Having a professional to turn to—one with a long tradition of creating standards that eliminate manual processing and movement of business information among those partners—is a manufacturer's B2B “Ace in the Hole.

By Karen Abramic-Dilger, contributing editor (kadilger@comcast.net)
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