Karen Dilger, Contributing Editor


Mobility November 1, 2009

Remote diagnostics help reduce rising cost of ownership for mobile devices

The upfront costs of most technology typically is fairly straightforward, and mobile devices are no exception. Typical costs may include deployment, software and hardware, and installation. However, the cost of ownership of ruggedized mobile solutions is not so clear-cut. Many users do not realize they may be shelling out an additional $2,500 to $3,000 per year for maintenance, downtime, and up...

By Karen Dilger, Contributing Editor
Motors and Drives February 1, 2009

Filling the gaps in S&OP

Dealing with constraints is part of the daily routine at Phoenix-based On Semiconductor. Whether it involves creating demand scenarios or determining supply levels, numerous factors must be considered when moving goods down the supply chain. “During forecasting, we try to have the right amount of capacity, and also stage the right level of inventory,” says Ravi Vancheeswaran, dir...

By Karen Dilger, Contributing Editor
Diagnostics, Asset Management February 23, 2008

An unspoiled ride: Bike that cleans water wins pedal-powered product design contest

Environmentalists have long advocated bicycle commuting as a way of reducing the harmful emissions from automobiles. But the winners of an innovative product design contest have developed a prototype for bicycle that also combats water pollution.

By Karen Dilger, Contributing Editor