Industrial PCs January 31, 2017

Compact module processors for harsh outdoor environments

Kontron's COMe-cAL6 comprises modules with cost-efficient, dual-core configurations for indoor, digital signage applications as well as quad-core modules for deployment in harsh outdoor environments.

By Kontron
Industrial PCs September 8, 2016

Computer-on-modules with embedded security

Kontron's COMe-bSL6 and COMe-bSL6R E2S are computer-on-modules (COMs) that are equipped with hardware-based embedded security solution approtect and can be used in harsh and rugged environments.

By Kontron
Industrial PCs May 5, 2016

Computing node for harsh and rugged environments

Kontron's VX3058 is a computing node designed for demanding military server and other high performance embedded computing (HPEC) applications such as virtual machine architectures.

By Kontron
DCS, SCADA, Controllers December 9, 2015

Multi-touch HMI for SCADA, MES applications

Kontron's FusionClient HMI is an IIoT-ready human-machine interface (HMI) industrial computer platform family is designed for real-time SCADA and manufacturing execution systems (MES) monitoring and control applications.

By Kontron
Sponsored July 29, 2015

Wartungsfrei (maintenance-free) Industrial Computer Platforms

By deploying 'wartungsfrei' (maintenance-free) industrial computer platforms, OEMs and operators can both reduce operating costs and increase the reliability of system installations. Maintenance-free systems are paving the way for the new age of the 'Smart Factory' (Industry 4.0) based on the technology of IoT.

By Kontron
Industrial PCs December 15, 2014

Industrial PC series expanded, scalable, for industrial control

Kontron has expanded the KBox IPC series to include the KBox C-101-0, C-101-1, C-100, A-101, and A-201, which are scalable and designed for industrial control applications.

By Kontron
Industrial PCs January 2, 2014

Multi-touch monitor line expands

Kontron's OmniView multi-touch monitors aim to reflect a durable industrial design.

By Kontron