Lara Jackson, Editorial Assistant


HMI, OI November 1, 1998

Cahners offers wealth of online information

Cahners Business Information offers a gamut of useful web sites to those who work in control engineering.The main web site for readers of Control Engineering and Control Engineering International is Among other features, the reader can search for current and back issues or a specific topic.

By Lara Jackson, Editorial Assistant
Networking and Security November 1, 1998

Engineers want improved accuracy, performance, distance

Do more with less. Faced with this modern refrain and releated technical demands, budget cuts, and time constraints, engineers seek more capabilities, distance, accuracy, and communication buses in new measurement systems.These were key needs of 1,150 engineers polled in the third annual "Measurement Needs Tracking Survey" by Keithley Instruments Inc.

By Lara Jackson, Editorial Assistant
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