Mariah Lucas


Wireless February 27, 2023

Mechanism-enabled, reconfigurable antennas facilitate future wireless technology

Researchers create complaint mechanism-enabled arms that bend in a predictable way without the use of hinges or bearings.

By Mariah Lucas
Process Instrumentation and Sensors January 26, 2023

In-place manufacturing method improves gas sensor capabilities, production time

Penn State researchers have recently enhanced their process for manufacturing flexible gas sensors made from nanomaterials.

By Mariah Lucas
Penn State materials science and engineering researchers used molybdenum disulfide, a 2D material, to create a low-power cryptographic chip less than one nanometer thick.
Industrial PCs August 14, 2022

Smart chip senses, stores, computes and secures data

A smart chip that has transistors made out of molybdenum disulfide will be able to better protect someone's data with less battery drain.

By Mariah Lucas