Matt Pelletier


Programming November 9, 2022

SCARA robot technology benefits

Selective compliance articulated robot arm (SCARA) robots are capable of many types of movement.

By Matt Pelletier
Courtesy: Yaskawa America Inc.
Motors and Drives June 16, 2022

Direct-drive servo tutorial, application update

Solving low speed rotary servo applications with direct-drive motors avoids hidden initial costs, while saving money over the life of the machine. Example shows $73,000 annual savings on a widget-making machine.

By Matt Pelletier
Courtesy: Yaskawa
Motors and Drives September 13, 2021

Choosing linear servo motors for the right application

There are several types of linear servo motors and knowing the strengths and weaknesses of each, along with the application they’re best-suited for, is critical.

By Matt Pelletier