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Matt Shipman, research communications lead, North Carolina State University


Robotics January 11, 2024

Soft robots developed to move easily in unknown terrain

North Carolina State researchers have developed a soft robot called a ringbot that can roll forward, spin like a record and follow a path that orbits around a central point. See video.

By Matt Shipman
AI and Machine Learning December 11, 2023

AI networks more vulnerable to attacks than previously thought

A study finds AI tools are more vulnerable than previously thought to targeted attacks that effectively force AI systems to make bad decisions.

By Matt Shipman
AI and Machine Learning October 1, 2023

Method helps AI navigate 3D space using 2D images

Researchers have developed a method to help artificial intelligence (AI) extract 3D information from 2D images.

By Matt Shipman
Robotics September 23, 2023

Soft robot developed to navigate complex obstacles

North Carolina State University researchers have created a “brainless” soft robot that can navigate more complex and dynamic environments. See video.

By Matt Shipman
Semiconductors August 5, 2023

Robot platform designed to develop range of semiconductor materials

Researchers have created RoboMapper, which can conduct experiments to develop a range of semiconductor materials with desirable attributes.

By Matt Shipman
Image courtesy: Brett Sayles
AI and Machine Learning June 18, 2023

AI framework helps boost teamwork training

Researchers have developed an AI framework that is better at analyzing and categorizing dialogue to make teamwork easier.

By Matt Shipman
Courtesy: CFE Media
AI and Machine Learning June 11, 2023

Method improves vision transformer AI system efficiency

North Carolina State researchers are working on improving vision transformers' (ViTs) efficiency so they can simplify their computing power and make their decision-making abilities more transparent.

By Matt Shipman
The caterpillar-bot’s movement is driven by a novel pattern of silver nanowires that use heat to control the way the robot bends, allowing users to steer the robot in either direction. Courtesy: North Carolina State University
Robotics March 29, 2023

Robot caterpillar demonstrates approach to locomotion for soft robotics

A caterpillar-like soft robot that can move forward, backward and dip under narrow spaces has been developed.

By Matt Shipman
Robotics March 15, 2023

Wheeled robot measures leaf angles to help corn plants

Researchers have demonstrated an automated technology capable of accurately measuring the angle of leaves on corn plants in the field, providing farmers with useful data more quickly.

By Matt Shipman
Process Instrumentation and Sensors February 16, 2023

Elastic material impervious to gases, liquids developed

Researchers have developed a technique that uses liquid metal to create an elastic material impervious to gases and liquids, which could help improve protection from gases.

By Matt Shipman
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