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Wireless October 8, 2014

Architecture of the Industrial IoT: Questions and Answers

The Architecture of the Industrial IoT webcast with Mike Fahrion, B&B Electronics director IoT product and strategy, had extra questions beyond those answered verbally and recorded in the now-archived webcast. Answers follow on industrial Internet of things topics including industrial network size, IPv6, cooperation between IT and operations, and security, among others.

By Mike Fahrion
Wireless July 23, 2013

Combine old and new wireless industrial networks

Application update: Existing and emerging industrial standards can be used effectively for rugged industrial applications and other hostile environments. Volcano Eyjafjallajokull exploded, but the wireless monitoring network there survived. For extreme wireless performance, watch for IEEE 802.11ad, WiGig wireless, with 60 GHz, 7 Gbit/sec capabilities.

By Mike Fahrion
Wireless August 3, 2012

5 Best Ways to Extend Ethernet

For many applications of TCP/IP networking, the 100-meter range limit of copper Ethernet cable becomes a problem. With conversion and extension, networks can cover distances that are measured in kilometers.

By Mike Fahrion
Mobility May 14, 2012

Tips and Tricks: 6 overlooked places to use industrial wireless

How Wi-Fi industrial wireless communications can save time, trouble, and money: Flexible work cells, mobile connections, and network enabling legacy devices are three overlooked areas to apply industrial wireless technologies. Three more are...

By Mike Fahrion