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Energy Efficiency June 19, 2009

Honeywell releases comprehensive energy management platform

Honeywell Energy Management Solutions Portfolio integrates many existing and new control software tools to track and evaluate energy consumption in process industry plants. Honeywell hardware, software, and services will help improve energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in industrial plant and facilities.

By Peter Welander, process industries editor
Energy Efficiency June 17, 2009

Technology update: Alternative power sources for instrumentation

Energy scavenging or harvesting methods are becoming more mainstream for low-power instrumentation. Can you use them? At Sensors Expo 2009, energy harvesting took the limelight, using vibration, light, heat, or even radio frequency. Batteries and power management remain important.

By Peter Welander, process industries editor
Process Instrumentation and Sensors June 5, 2009

Endress+Hauser expands U.S. production, with flowmeter manufacturing, testing

State-of-the-art flowmeter manufacturing and testing facility in Indiana was inaugurated by Endress+Hauser. E+H invested more than $18 million in new production and calibration facilities for production of primarily magnetic and Coriolis flowmeter designs. See photos.

By Peter Welander, process industries editor
HMI, OI August 1, 2007

Optimize wireless infrastructure for application needs

The promise of wireless is clear: You can measure more in a plant situation, with new pieces of instrumentation checking different things and giving you more information (or at least data). But more than that, you can communicate easily with things that move: enterprise data on the plant floor, walk-around HMI, personnel locators, VoIP walkie-talkies, etc.

By Peter Welander, process industries editor
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